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LS had a chance to board the Bay Area Green Tours bus for a tour of organic, local, and sustainable farms last Saturday. We are so lucky to live in an area that is rich in agriculture and strong in progressive thinking, that it was a treat for us to get the opportunity to see just what goes into growing and raising the food that we eat. BAGT is dedicated toward helping us understand local sustainability in hopes that it will inspire and empower us to take better care of the world we live in. Who couldn’t agree with that mission? Their tours range from Renewable Energy to Sustainable Foods to Green Collar Jobs.

"Bay Area Green Tours" "Farm to Fork"

Photos // (clockwise) Stemple Creek Land // farm at County Line Harvest // various salsa made fresh from the boys at Quetzal Farm // below is an image of Quetzal Farm

With organic being all the rage regulations on what that means have become very lax. We wanted to find out what local farmers are doing to preserve the integrity of our food’s happiness. This isn’t an easy task. In a nutshell, what we learned was that organic farming takes a lot of work! Because organic farmers don’t use pesticides on their vegetables, all weeds must be pulled by hand, organic certification is expensive, land is hard to maintain, feed is more expensive, finding consistent buyers is a full-time job, and education on maintaining a healthy diet through eating organic and grass fed is challenging. Bravo to those we met from Quetzal Farm, Red Hill Ranch, and Stemple Creek Ranch that take this job on so that we can eat well and feel good about it too!

"Bay Area Green Tours" "Farm to Fork"

Photos // (clockwise) Happy Free Range Chickens at Red Hill Ranch // tools at Quetzal Farm // Old Dairy Barn on the Red Hill Ranch property // greenhouse at Quetzal Farm

To learn more about the tours that Bay Area Green Tours organizes click here.

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