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Welcome to a new week. Every Monday seems the same sometimes. . . 5 more days until the weekend again? Hopefully, we can liven your Monday up with a little color and inspiration. We’ve found 4 artists (some right here in the Bay Area!) who turn simple everyday elements (string and tape) into beautiful pieces of art. Linear patterns can seemingly have a flat dimensional quality, but the following artists have challenged themselves by playing with color and placement in space to enhance the way we observe everyday rigidity (like those Monday’s). Maybe we can take some inspiration from them and spice up our Monday.

A Bay Area native, Jana Flynn‘s work has been showcased in various galleries in California and New York. Her works’ elegant textures are still strong and bold.

Jana Flynn Installation Art String Oakland

Megan Geckler is a Los Angeles-based installation artist who creates site-specific one-of-a-kind installations using flagging tape.

Megan Geckler Installation Art Tape

Megan Geckler Installation Art Tape

LS has been watching this artist for quite some time. I could stare at the vibrant colors in his work for hours. Gabriel Dawe was born in Mexico City where he grew up surrounded by the intensity and color of Mexican culture. After working as a graphic designer, he eventually wanted to explore textiles and embroidery.

Sabine Reckewell was born in Germany, where she was trained in industrial design and moved to the United States to expand her textile design work into sculpture, installation and performance art at the University of California, Davis. She just recently returned to the Bay Area and installed this piece of art at Chandra Cerrito Contemporary Gallery in Oakland.

Sabine Reckewell Installation Art String Oakland

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  • Thanks for the feature, so glad you enjoy the work. Stay tuned for more installations in November and the spring.

    -Megan Geckler

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