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Hi all! Our Vessels Event is just around the corner. Who can pass up a dinner by two great chefs (Caleb Jones from Michael Mina and Maggie Weber-Striplin from Pachamama), music by Uriah Duffy and Max McVeety, artists such as Ann Weber, Whitney Smith, and Sara Paloma, and 3 new photographers that we’ve added to the mix: Melissa Kaseman, Greg Goodman, and Summer Makovkin! We are so excited to bring all of these great artists and people to you under one roof. There will be raffles to win artwork, drinks, music, demonstrations on throwing clay (oh, and did we mention a delicious dinner!). We can’t wait. So, buy that last minute ticket, spread the word, or donate through Kickstarter and get a discount on the event while supporting the arts! We’ve extended the deadline for purchasing tickets to this Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

Date: June 26
Dinner: 5-8pm
Cost: $35

In the meantime, maybe we can entice you with our chef’s delicious (but still in-progress) menu along with images from some of our contributing photographers! You can also click on one of these links if you’d like to find out more about the other collaborators: musicians, chefs or artists.

Vessels Dinner Menu "Local Social"


Melissa Kaseman
Melissa Kaseman uses photography as a language to visually describe the moments that are significant to her life experience. As she states: “I aim to tell a poetic, open narrative through photography as a way for me to ground myself by exploring themes concerning loss, illness, nostalgia, intimacy, and hope.”

"Melissa Kaseman"

"Melissa Kaseman"

Greg Goodman
Greg’s sense of adventure is apparent in his work, which features many photos from his travels around the world.

"Greg Goodman" photography Oakland

"Greg Goodman" photography Oakland

Summer Makovkin
Using her camera as sort of passport, Summer shows her intimate view of life. “Whether I find myself at weddings, around children, traveling in new places, seeing new people or old people, or experiencing spontaneous adventures, I delight in living fully and capturing the essence of this amazing Life.”

"Summer Makovkin" photography Oakland

"Summer Makovkin" photography Oakland

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