Few and Far: Public Art in Oakland

Once taken for a defacement of public property, Graffiti art has now become a way to express community individuality in the form of public art. We’d like to introduce a group of women graffiti artists, collectively known for a project called Few and Far.

Few and Far is comprised of 17 (and growing) solid and rockin’ women from all over the country who not only installed a large mural (spans two warehouses) on Mandala Parkway this past year, but who plan on continuing their effort in various cities all over the country. I recently interviewed Meme, the artist responsible for organizing this event. Read below for more.

"Few and Far" Oakland

"Few and Far" Oakland Mandala art

Check out this cool video of the installment of the mural in Oakland!

Few & Far 2011 from MTN COLORS USA on Vimeo.

Tell me a bit about “Few and Far”?

F&F started as just one all female mural project, because we enjoyed producing this mural together so much, I decided I wanted to branch out more and start a collective.

How did you come up with the concept?
Ksra (Our PR) and I were talking about what to call this mural after a few days it came down to there are few women in the graff scene and we all far from each there..so Few and Far.

How did all 17 of you find each other?
I always wanted to paint, skate and hang with lots of females all ages with the same interest. I reached out and found a great group of girls who desired the same thing.

"Few and Far" Oakland Mandala art

What are your backgrounds?
I only can speak for my own background. Every person in our collective is very unique and brings something different to the table.

I’m from a small town in Northern California. My mother was always supportive of her kids to be expressive and different. I was never an artist as a child. I was much more interested in being out side helping with the family garden. I couldn’t get enough of dirt!! I’m still addicted to gardening!!

Do you have any upcoming events/mural projects?
Next year we are doing an animal rights mural at the same spot in Oakland. We hope to have a great turn out!

"Few and Far" Oakland Mandala art

How do you all work together? Does everyone work on their own portion of the piece or do you collaborate?

For Few and Far I picked out spots for the girls and invited a group to participate. I had 3 women show up randomly to the previous event. With a mixture of styles, I curate where whose artwork will sit next to whose…It works out nicely;)

How did you go about getting funding and approval for the process?

Funding is very difficult to receive, very few people see the same vision as us.
I received local funding (Mtn Colors and Nomad Body Piercing to name a few), but a lot of the funding comes out of my own pocket. Getting the right wall for this mural took a lot of persistence, I did months the foot work to find the right location for what I had in mind.

One Love Meme!

I want to thank my awesome boyfriend (Jersey Joe) for helping with everything!! I couldn’t have done it as well with out him!!
As well as all the women/girls and men, wanting to be apart of this movement!

"Few and Far" Oakland Mandala art

Check out more of their up coming events here.

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  • Amazing! I need to step my game up in Graffiti! Great Idea :)

    Brittany on October 25, 2011 | Reply
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