The Burning House

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What would you take with you if your house was burning down? When I was a kid, I actually used to think about this all the time. Of course, back then I took some oreo’s, leo the lion, and some costume jewelry. The Burning House blog is a chronicle of photos cataloguing people’s own interpretation of answering that question. The photography and composition, not to mention the content, gives an intimate snapshot of each person’s life. Pretty fun and really cool interactive art piece on the internet.

"The Burning House"
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I thought it would be fun to do my own and submit and it was! Take a picture of your own version and send it along to Foster at The Burning House (and us too)! We’d love to see what you come up with.

Name: Catherine Weis // Location: Oakland, CA // Occupation: Graphic Designer/Art Blogger // Website: www.local-social.net, www.intoanout.com

I’ve included flip flops, a bikini and a skirt (because if my house burns down, I’m going to the beach), an awesome illustration my friend Trina did (I love what it says), camera, computer, pics of my family (I’m not going to the beach alone, my son and husband will hopefully join), a journal, half of a geode (my sister has the other half), my favorite scarf from my friend Jen Jennings, and a purple stone in the shape of a heart from a dear friend that’s been with me in some rough patches.

Name: Ashton Ireland // Location: Brooklyn, NY // Occupation: Printmaker // Website: http://water-and-woods.tumblr.com/

"Ashton Ireland" "The Burning House"

Name: Audelino Moreno // Age: 41 // Location: Madison, Wisconsin // Occupation: Art Director // Website: audelino.com

"Audelino Moreno" "The Burning House"

Name: Elsa Paulsen // Location: Germany // Occupation:
 Student [art history and media studies] // Website: http://alsosprachelsapaulsen.blogspot.com/

Name: Graeme McNee // Location: Kobe, Japan // Occupation: I draw comics and host a radio show // Website: http://www.graememcnee.com

"The Burning House" "Graeme Mcnee"

Name: Fabrizio Lima // Location: Rio de Janeiro, RJ. Brazil // Occupation: Geologist and Photographer // Website: fabriziolima.tumblr.com

"Fabrizio Lima"  "The Burning House"

Name: Yongki Hermawan // Location: Jakarta. Indonesia // Occupation: Photographer // Website: http://mxtind.tumblr.com/

"Yongki Hermawan" "The Burning House"

Name: Laura Pritchett // Location:Southern Delaware // Occupation:Artist // Website: www.lauraepritchettart.com

Name: Anton Ahlin // Location: Stockholm, Sweden // Occupation: Designer // Website: http://ddnhln.com Twitter: @ddnhln

"The Burning House" "Anton Ahlin"

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