East Bay Open Art Studios

I made it out of the house this weekend just in time to catch a few of the open art studios around my neighborhood that were a part of East Bay Open Studios. Every year, Pro Arts, a Bay Area advocate for contemporary arts in Oakland, produces the largest art event in the East Bay, showcasing over 400 artist studios. We, as a part of the 50,000 visitors from all over the Bay Area, have a chance to glimpse behind the doors of the creative artists that contribute to making our city more engaging and interesting. Below is just a handful of what I saw. You can see more this coming weekend as East Bay Open Studios continues on June 9th and 10th: 11-6pm. Go to Pro Arts to read more and download a map for the participating artists’ studios. You probably don’t even realize that you can walk out of your door and find an artist studio just around the corner! Go to the event and tell us what some of your favorite studios have been this year. We’d love to get your feedback.

KJ Appleton
"KJ Appleton" "Pro Arts" perspective color art Oakland

"KJ Appleton" "Pro Arts" color art painting Oakland

Benny Alba
This was cool. Benny had made this huge mural. Once you bought one of the many 11×17 paintings (on the bottom row), you could cut a rectangle out of the mural (wherever you wanted) and take home another piece. Great idea.
"Benny Alba" "Pro Arts" color art Oakland

Howie Katz

"Howie Katz" "Pro Arts" sculpture art Oakland

"Howie Katz" "Pro Arts" sculpture heads art Oakland

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