VHILS on Abbot Kinney

On my trip down to LA I passed by a beautiful wall piece on Abbot Kinney. This wasn’t your average wall graffiti. The design looked like someone had plastered the wall and carved out a sketch back to the brick that lay beneath. I quickly ran home to figure out who was behind this. The person was Portuguese street artist VHILS (Alexandre Farto). Using construction tools, VHILS exposes and confronts architectural surfaces. He etches with acid and bleach to de-construct the walls and finishes with the use of hammers, chisels and drills sculpting the stenciled pieces to create texture, dimension and layers. This type of subtractive work is only a piece of the talented pool of techniques he uses to create breathtaking visuals. He’s one artist to keep watching. Watch the video on the making of this work via Arrested Motion filmmaker, Carlos Gonzalez!

VHILS "Abbot Kinney" Venice wall art

VHILS "Abbot Kinney" venice art wall

LS artist VHILS Portugal "Abbot Kinney" Venice

Photos and Video // Carlos Gonzalez with Arrested Motion

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