Uncommon Common Art

I think I would love to take part in this, as well as see some of the other art at Uncommon Common Art in Nova Scotia. The event is a type of treasure hunt for art. You are given a map with a path to different art pieces and possibly encouraged to create your own art in nature as part of your walk.

this is Uncommon Common Art’s description of their project:
“This project was born out of a simple observation of humans sometimes subtle and beautiful impact in nature. We are inundated with news and information about man kinds negative impact on our natural surroundings this project promotes and recognizes our creative and beautiful touches in nature. How a child at the beach may creatively stack a series of rocks and leave them for the next beach comber to find. A hiker may pick a bouquet of wild flowers and leave them as a beautiful present for the next person on the path. The installations in this project are gifts from the artists to the observers of nature to find, explore, talk about, and share.”

Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell are just a couple of the artists who have participated.

"Uncommon Common Art" " Nicole Evans" "Pat Farrell"

“UNBalanced” is by Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell
Photo // Ernest Cadegan

"Uncommon Common Art" " Nicole Evans" "Pat Farrell"

"Uncommon Common Art" " Nicole Evans" "Pat Farrell"

"Uncommon Common Art" " Nicole Evans" "Pat Farrell"

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