Goodbye for a week you beautiful burners.

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This week marks the 22nd year of Burning Man as we know it (a massive arts festival on the Black Rock dessert of Nevada). By this time most of us have either been or heard of it (usually references in movies describing laid back types who escape reality to party for a week straight), so I will spare you the details. Whatever your impression is, you can’t deny that some of the art that graces the playa is sensational and worth the hefty price. Although it will not be there, I ran across this amazing kinetic sculpture that I thought was so engaging, I almost hitchhiked a ride with my friends to the playa! Unfortunately for me, I will not be going this year:( However, I guess having a one-year old son is worth it. I’ll see you next year playa! Check out the way it moves below!

"Kinetic Sculpture"

Theo Jansen‘s art has not been to the playa before, but it belongs there. This Dutch kinetic artist creates moving sculptures he’s aptly named Strandbeest’s. In Dutch, the word means beach animal. As if an actual evolution of animal survival skills, Jansen continues to explore ways for his “creatures” to adapt to the landscape and environment. Some animals can detect water and turn around when they encounter it. One animal can even anchor itself to the earth if it senses a storm approaching.

Check back in the weeks to come for more amazing art straight from the playa 2012.

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