Sculpture is Everything at GOMA

From found objects to kinetic structures, from monuments to installation and land art, from pop assemblages to ritual objects, ‘Sculpture is Everything’ which just opened at the Gallery of Modern Art in Queensland, Australia, explores the extraordinarily diverse and surprising field of contemporary sculpture. Form, material and three-dimensional space have been considered to define the medium of sculpture. Below are some of the works featured in the show.

"Michael Sailstorfer"

The show runs 18 August – 28 October 2012 at The Fairfax Gallery (Gallery 1.1), Galleries 1.2 & 1.3, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

Lara Favaretto Italy b.1973 | Gummo IV 2012
Lara Favaretto

lara favaretto

Michael Sailstorfer Germany b. 1979 | ‘Wolken (Clouds)’ 2010
"Michael Sailstorfer"

"Michael Sailstorfer"

Zilvinas Kempinas Lithuania/United States b.1969 | ‘Columns’ 2006
"Zilvinas Kempinas"

Photos // via QAGOMA on flickr

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