Weekend Sale from Thomas Christopher Haag

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If you’re in the Oakland area this weekend and happen to be in need of buying some fun art to hang on your wall, I just got wind of a sale that might tickle your artistic sensibilities. Thomas Christopher Haag is an Oakland based artist soon to be leaving his space at Faultline Artspace for what he calls, “hittin the road like a dirty gypsy”. I’ve always liked his mural projects that can be seen all over Oakland’s urban landscape, but his paintings are super unique, upbeat and will add interest to any wall in your home. I hope you’ll be back.

The sale will be on Sunday Aug 19th at Faultline from 6-9pm. The pieces will be going for 50-75% off gallery prices.

"Thomas Christopher Haag" oakland muralist

"Thomas Christopher Haag" oakland muralist

"Thomas Christopher Haag" oakland muralist

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