About Local Social

Local Social

LS Gretchen Krebs and Catherine Weis

In early 2010, we, Gretchen Krebs and Catherine Weis, formed Local Social as a platform to explore our shared love and talent for throwing parties and bringing people together. Our strong individual backgrounds in graphic design (Catherine) and interior design (Gretchen) allow us to collectively curate every element of the events we host to provide a unique experience for our guests. So far we’ve hosted gatherings focused around everything from felt-making to mixology to urban gardens to pickling. Together we’re always brainstorming about new ideas that highlight and engage the local community.

In a nutshell, Local Social’s mission is two-fold:

  • To create our own intimate events that mix art, design and craft in ways that are creative, educational, and always fun.
  • To collaborate with and assist others in creating memorable events that fuse social experiences with art, design and craft.

Take a look around our blog to see what we do. And always feel free to reach out to us to start a creative conversation!