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While there is often a deeper meaning behind art created with words, text can often be mesmerizing purely for its repetition. I confess to loving the use of words for the hypnotic rhythm that they create. The effect can be like a blanket or textile of letters that slowly envelope as you gaze. Here are a few pieces that I find particularly appealing.

Sean Landers, Thought Bubble (1994) & Navel Gaze (1995)

Via imageobjecttext

Various pieces by Annie Vought

Via Annie Vought

North Adams (2007) installation from Jenny Holzer’s Projection Series

Via Jenny Holzer

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Last month Architecture for Humanity hosted an auction on ebay called “I love Architecture” featuring sketches and artwork from some very fancy names in the architecture world. A few of my favorites are shown below. You can also click here to see the entire collection. All sales benefitted Architecture for Humanity.

Ball Nogues Studio

Matter Practice

Emily Abruzzo + Gerald Bodziak


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Be sure to take a stroll through Oakland tonight (or better yet, hop on your bike!) and join in the summer Art Murmur festivities. Highlights include new exhibitions at Slate Gallery (Figure Form & Fiction) and Crown Nine (Freya Prowe) and Ethan Worden’s On Looking at Things at Swarm Gallery in Jack London (show runs through July 8th).

Figure Form & Fiction at Slate Gallery, Via Art Murmur

Freya Prowe at Crown Nine, Via Art Murmur

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On Looking at Things at Swarm Gallery, Via Swarm Gallery

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One of my favorite ways to design a space is to subtly blur and define it through layers of screening. Here are some recent ideas I’ve discovered for a current project that play with soft and hard materials and varying levels of transparency. They all provide the feeling of privacy or separation while maintaining a visual connection to the overall space…they’re also fun and playful and invite people to take a closer look!

Installations using felt panel material from FilzFelt:

Above 4 Images via FilzFelt

Endless possibilities with the Bouroullec Brother’s Algue screen system:

Via Lotzdesign

Via Oelna

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Building off our post from last Friday, today we highlight the color orange again in homage to summer…which, as I gaze out the window at a blue-skied and sunny morning, seems to be off to a great start.

Heath Ceramics latest seasonal collection is inspired by the warmth of summer, featuring soft hues of orange in an array of elegant and minimal shapes. Each piece is beautiful on its own or as a set to adorn the table of your next outdoor dinner party. Collection is available through October.

All images via Heath Ceramics

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A very cool pop-up shop has taken shape over in Old Oakland thanks to Brooklyn’s Art House Co-op and local partner, Popuphood.

What was a previously vacant storefront on 9th Street is now temporarily the Pop-Up Library, a local manifestation of the much larger Sketchbook Project making its way across the country. The “library” is filled with artist’s sketchbooks to peruse at your leisure and inspire creativity.

The Pop-Up Library
483 9th St., Oakland, CA

June 6-10, 1-5pm
June 13-14, 1-5pm
June 15, 6-10pm (Closing Party!)
June 16-17 1-5pm

Via Art House Co-op

Via Behance

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It’s hard to keep up with all of the design and craft shows these days but some of the best are right here in the bay area…and coming up soon. Here are a few we think are worth checking out and supporting!

INDIE MART (June 10)


UNIQUE SF (June 30 & July 1)

Spread the word and help support these great events and the talented independent designers that make them happen!


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I was struck by the rich texture and layering of these structures made completely and purely of stacked books, inside and out. There are many installations out there but here are a few of my favorites.

Book Cell by Matej Kren, Via Flavorwire

Installation by Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Via Found Shit

Home by Miler Lagos, Via Flavorwire


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Via Million Fishes

Million Fishes Art Collective, a community arts organization in SF that houses everything from artist in residency programs to a gallery and dance studio, just had an interactive event/party that should appeal to everyone’s inner child…a room filled with colorful balloons reminiscent of a ball pit at an amusement park (but with less germs). Each balloon was apparently filled with an LED making them respond with light to movement. I’ve searched for photos of the actual event but have so far found none so stay tuned for another post that follows up!

I did find this incredible and very similar balloon installation at the Nasher Sculpture Center by Martin Creed (2011). Filled with so many balloons, visitors could actually fully immerse themselves. Jump in!

Via Style Swoon


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Airport art

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There is some surprisingly beautiful stuff to look at in airports these days. I was particularly taken by Janet Echelman’s piece, “Every Beating Second” while passing through SFO’s terminals recently. The floating piece invites you to pause and look up in a space usually reserved for quickly passing through.

Via SF Arts Commission

Via Stuck at the Airport

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