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I stumbled across the work of Charles Clary via Share Some Candy this past week. His colorful paper sculptures remind me of curving land formations. It’s almost as if I’m looking onto a 3D topographical map. The pieces are so fun and playful.

"Charles Clary" color sculpture paper
Flameobic Opulation detail, acrylic, hand-cut paper on panel

"Charles Clary" color sculpture paper
Radimafungle Gestation

"Charles Clary" color sculpture paper
Flambiotic Pandemic, acrylic, hand-cut paper on panel

His most recent exhibit is about to close at View Arts in Old Forge, New York (if you happen to be passing through). On exhibit from March 10 – May 6, 2012

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This exhibit is so deeply moving. The emotional impact of art sometimes touches you deeper than you can imagine. I think this project has touched me because it had such purpose and history behind it that I am effected in a more visceral way than is typical. Back in 2003, the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, at the time going through the process of closing down, decided to initiate an exhibit to honor and memorialize the history of hope and sadness that had passed through its walls, Bloom. Found via the Colossal blog. Read on to hear excerpts from an interview with the artist and visitors.

bloom "mental hospital" flowers exhibit colossal

Artist Anna Schuleit was commissioned to do a public art installation celebrating the life and healing that took place at this institution. Once an inviting facility and place of healing it had turned into an empty, drab and lonely place. During an interview Anna said that she was struck with the lack of presence of life and color. The concept was to fill the halls and rooms of this empty building with life again, by installing nearly 28,000 potted flowers in the space of MMHC. It was a large undertaking, but worth the time and effort.

bloom "mental hospital" flowers exhibit colossal "Anna Schuleit"

bloom "mental hospital" flowers exhibit colossal "Anna Schuleit"

bloom "mental hospital" flowers exhibit colossal "Anna Schuleit"

In an interview with Anna (via Colossal) she was asked how visitors who came reacted to the installation. I think some of these responses capture the intensity that this exhibit had.

“I walked through Bloom with a close friend of mine who has spent a great deal of time inside similar hospitals. He was close to tears and repeated said he felt the desire to jump into the flowers, sum bold for the freedom and the celebration of his own growth and healing. We recognized that Bloom brought beauty and wonder to what has always been an inherently taboo subject matter.”

“‘Never worry alone’ was a Dr. Tom Gutheil classic line, but because of the lack of social support, too many patients who came here had to worry alone. Anna saw these corridors as places to be filled with growth. For all the patients who never received flowers, these flowers are for you.”

“My therapist’s office was in the basement and the floor is covered in grass. Grass does not bloom but it cushions and it is in the right place. It is the foundation, it softens everything. Conceptually it is brilliant.”

“My mother told me, 36 years ago, “Hang on. They’ll find a cure.” I was suffering alone until I came to MMHC. And today… oh so grateful… beyond any words, so grateful. Lives and sufferings have been redeemed here, and today we celebrate and honor, all of us, in this place, for better or for worse. Today, we flourish. The list of what we cannot do grows shorter and shorter. We become comfortable in a world of three dimensions; we gladly surrender the fourth, fifth, and sixth.”

You can read the full interview here: Colossal

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Rob Mulholland is a contemporary sculptor and installation artist based in Scotland, United Kingdom. His current exhibition, Vestige, captures the relationship of humans and nature. The exhibit consists of six male and female figures cut out of a mirror (acrylic) representing the past presence of inhabitants in the space. Blending into the space, the figures have a ghost-like presence and seem to appear and disappear as you move. I wish I could be there to see it myself. The exhibit is currently on display at David Marshall Lodge in Scotland.

The artist says this about his work:
In Vestige, the figures create… “a void, as if they are at one moment part of our world and then as they fade into the forest they become an intangible outline.”

"rob Mulholland" mirror installation forest art scotland

"rob Mulholland" mirror installation forest art scotland

"rob Mulholland" mirror installation forest art scotland
"rob Mulholland" mirror installation forest art scotland

Thanks to Colossal blog for turning me onto Rob’s great work.

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For those of you looking to participate in tonight’s Art Murmur soiree here is another must see to add to your list.

Marion and Rose’s Workshop
461 9th St. Oakland
April 6-May 19, 2012
Opening Reception: Friday, April 6: 6-9pm

Marion and Rose’s Workshop presents an art exhibition titled CLUSTERNOOK by the local and mysterious art collective of fun-havers known only as Wonderboom!

CLUSTERNOOK, will feature a clubhouse, objet d’art and paintings. The constructed clubhouse titled by the artists, The Funny Company, is made from reclaimed wood, screenprinted elements and spice drops. It negotiates a space in which fantasy, innocence and simulation blend.

It has me intrigued. I’m totally going!


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We’ll leave you this weekend with some imagery from sculptor and installation artist, Mitra Fabian. She works with atypical materials (such as tape, glue, various office and scientific products and even window blinds) and alters them in such a way that they are not immediately recognizable. All of her pieces end up being very delicate and beautiful when complete.

"Mitra Fabian" art installation paper clips
Cling, binder clips

"Mitra Fabian" art installation blinds
Ventilate I, window blinds, glue

"Mitra Fabian" art installation plastic
Plot, tape, plastic, mixed media

"Mitra Fabian" art installation plastic
B9, pipette chips, acrylic sheet

All photos taken from Mitra Fabian’s web site

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Color Coding

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Dutch artist Anouk Kruithof has added a whole new dimension to color coding your books. This beautiful display has transformed books into a great wall of literature.

"Anouk Kruithof" books colors installation art

"Anouk Kruithof" books colors installation art

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Ropes as art. Ropes as interior design. Ropes as functional elements. Ropes as decor.

Installation by Magdalena Abakanowicz
Abakanowicz Rope Installation

Not sure where I found this. Love the light though.

Ace Hotel in Palm Springs Lobby
"Ace Hotel" "Palm Springs" ropes

Brick House Rope Wall
Rope Wall "BrickHouse"

The Exchange Hotel in Amsterdam
"The Exchange" Hotel Amsterdam

"Hotel Exchange" Amsterdam

Rope Light from Etsy
Rope Light

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Today I wanted to introduce you to a couple of my personal favs from Etsy (via SF Girl By Bay). Michelle Jacobson and Lola Donoghue’s paintings feel like contemporary renditions of a faded past. I love how they capture the look and feel of wallpaper, but are contained in a small area that doesn’t require me spending hours of labor installing.

artist painting space interior wall

Lola Donoghue
"lola donoghue" artist painting

"lola donoghue" artist painting

Michelle Jacobson
"Michelle Jacobson" artist etsy painting

"Michelle Jacobson" artist etsy painting

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Wow. Every time I look at these pieces, I’m in wonder. It’s so cool to see the works of artists like Rashad Alakbarov or Kumi Yamashita. These artists have found beauty in light and shadow. They take found materials and transform them into human forms or a city by throwing light on them at just the right angle.

Kumi Yamashita
"Kumi Yamashita" "light paintings" shadow maternity
Akari 2009 || Tokyo Japan || wood, light and shadow

"Kumi Yamashita" "light paintings" shadow
City View 2003 || Osaka Japan || aluminum, light and shadow

"Kumi Yamashita" "light paintings" shadow

Rashad Alakbarov
"Rashad Alakbarov" "light paintings" shadow
transparent color plastic shapes

"Rashad Alakbarov" "light paintings" shadow

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At LS we pull inspiration for our events from anything and everything, especially art. Martin Pfeifle’s commentary on space and color translate very easily into an event setting, if you look hard enough. I love the colored paper hanging from the ceiling as a potential backdrop or partition. And, I’m a big fan of this pink spacial field turning into a table with one huge hit of color.

"Martin Pfeifle" Yellow Backdrop

"Martin Pfeifle" Pink

"Martin Pfeifle" Pink Field

"Martin Pfeifle" Gold Cardboard

"Martin Pfeifle" gold cardboard

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