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I saw this and thought, what a great way to style your own home while making an ode to art. The piece was created for Saturday In Design by Elixir Design and Dream Interiors. Each origami butterfly in the circular path represents a dream in various stages-the emergence of an idea to the idea being in transit and then taking flight.

Oragami, "Saturday in Design"

Oragami, "Saturday in Design"

Oragami, "Saturday in Design"

This was created for the annual design event Saturday in Design.

Photos // Adrian Koh, via elixr and ad week

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Building off our post from last Friday, today we highlight the color orange again in homage to summer…which, as I gaze out the window at a blue-skied and sunny morning, seems to be off to a great start.

Heath Ceramics latest seasonal collection is inspired by the warmth of summer, featuring soft hues of orange in an array of elegant and minimal shapes. Each piece is beautiful on its own or as a set to adorn the table of your next outdoor dinner party. Collection is available through October.

All images via Heath Ceramics

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Two Sunday’s ago marked the first annual fundraiser, Flourish, for the Oakland art non-profit, Art Murmur. LS had the chance to help plan and style the event, and let me tell you, it’s not one to miss the next time it comes around. What a great way to support the local arts. The highlight for me was the live artist drawings, art drawn at the event and sold right before your eyes. Danielle Fox, Executive Director of OAM & Director of Slate Contemporary, Dalya Sachs, Event Chair of Flourish, and 36 other volunteers, worked around the clock to make sure that MUA (Art Venue/Restaurant/Bar), in downtown Oakland, was set up beautifully for the event. The event goal was to raise awareness and funds for an organization that encourages art to Flourish in Oakland. They were able to raise–through ticket sales, live auctions, raffle prizes and donations and sponsorships a nice amount of money to continue the growth of Oakland Art Murmur.

"Art Murmur", Oakland, Fundraiser, Flourish

I had the chance for a one on one with Danielle after the event. Read below to hear what she has to say.

After all of that hard work, how do you feel Flourish went?
Flourish was by all accounts a smashing success. It was, of course, the first time we had ever done anything like this, and I can think of a hundred ways to do it better next time. But everyone who came had a wonderful time and we raised not only money to help run the organization, but awareness about the organization and the arts programming we offer in Oakland.

"Art Murmur", Oakland, Fundraiser, Flourish

Photo on bottom left // Danielle Fox with Hung Liu painting behind her
Photo on bottom right // Dalya Sachs

How do you plan to use the donations that you raised? What’s in store for Oakland Art Murmur?
We are planning to use the funds raised to help us get the word out about Oakland’s galleries so we can get more people to visit and enjoy them and all the wonderful art we have on offer. We would like to distribute our gallery guides via media partners and direct mail, advertise our events, revamp our web site, and make a video about Murmur.

"Art Murmur", Oakland, Fundraiser, Flourish

How can people continue to help Art Murmur?
People can still make donations via our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas -the link is on the web site. But what we need most is for people to spread the word and get their friends to come down and visit the galleries, especially on Saturday afternoons, and of course First Fridays, the event for which we are best known.

Go see what Art Murmur is about for yourself.
Next one: Saturday, May 19th
Saturday Stroll
Next one: Saturday, May 12th
First Friday’s
Next one: June 1, 6-9pm

"Art Murmur", Oakland, Fundraiser, Flourish

Photo on bottom right (l to r) // Roderick Kiracofe (OAM Board Member), Hung Liu (Artist whose “Winter Blossom” was the star live auction piece at Flourish), Mayor Jean Quan, Danielle Fox (Executive Director of OAM & Director, Slate Contemporary), Dalya Sachs (Event Chair, Flourish), Marshall Lamm (OAM Board Member)

Some of these photos generously donated by // Clayton Mitchell
look for him on facebook too.

Artists who participated in the event included:
Hung Liu
Magnolia Editions

Alison Tharp
Alison OK Frost
Crystal Morey
Dave Higgins
Obi Kaufmann
Nathaniel Parsons
Marcos LaFarga
David Siler
Jon Carling
Michael McConnell

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I was driving past Mignonne in Berkeley a few weeks ago and these brightly decorated windows caught my eye. How fun. Mignonne is always coming up with inspiring fun ideas for the windows. All of these windows are done with tape and streamers (with the exception of the painted furniture) by Rebekah Carey McNal of A&B Creative. What a great way to attract attention to passers-by and encourage customers who love a fun, edgy vibe to pop on in. It reminds me of LA-based Megan Geckler‘s work who we’ve featured here before.

If Mignonne sounds familiar, we’ve mentioned this store before as a partner in crime with our Sunday Brunch and Tilt Wedding Fair.

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

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This is a cool product from Polaboy. For two years product designer and master craftsman Jirko Bannas, creative director and photobook publisher Oliver Seltmann worked intensively on the idea of the coming up with a new kind of lightbox to showcase poloroids, specifically. With cutting edge LED technology and consistent product design they have mastered their domain. You can send in your own poloroid or buy one of the many that they have on their site. Just check out the atmosphere that it creates for these rooms, making photography much more dimensional and maybe even functional.

Polaboy poloroid

Polaboy poloroid

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As Local Social prepares to design the Art Murmur Fundraiser, we’ve been finding some great decor inspiration. The event name is Flourish. So as you can imagine, we started conjuring up images of florals and embellishments. We came across this decor design for Karl Lagerfeld’s breathtakingly beautiful all-white collection for Chanel. The whole experience is inspiring, from the white lazer cut tablecloths, to the oversized Alice in Wonderland like floral garlands of roses and camellias adorning the columns and backdrops, to the headdresses on the models themselves. All perfect inspiration for a wedding and seems very doable (with a lot of help from friends with scissors!)

Chanel "Karl Lagerfeld" paper "laser cut" "paper flowers"

Chanel "Karl Lagerfeld" paper "laser cut" "paper flowers"

There were about 7000 handmade paper flowers which took a total of 4800 hours to make! 4000 m2 of white paper was used.

Chanel "Karl Lagerfeld" paper "laser cut" "paper flowers"

Chanel "Karl Lagerfeld" paper "laser cut" "paper flowers"

Paper backdrop

This decor was due to the Chanel workers, under the direction of Stephane Lubrina

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Came across these pretty hanging planters the other day while searching for new ways to bring greenery inside. (Gone are the days of macrame & spider plants!)

Faceted planter available at Pigeon Toe Ceramics


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Ropes as art. Ropes as interior design. Ropes as functional elements. Ropes as decor.

Installation by Magdalena Abakanowicz
Abakanowicz Rope Installation

Not sure where I found this. Love the light though.

Ace Hotel in Palm Springs Lobby
"Ace Hotel" "Palm Springs" ropes

Brick House Rope Wall
Rope Wall "BrickHouse"

The Exchange Hotel in Amsterdam
"The Exchange" Hotel Amsterdam

"Hotel Exchange" Amsterdam

Rope Light from Etsy
Rope Light

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I was drawn to this paper stencil cutting at Cosecha Cafe the other day. The intricate poster, by Tahiti Pehrson who does gorgeous work, is a subtle addition that works nicely in the bright and modern open space. It’s also another reason to go for lunch (in addition to their delicious butternut squash quesadilla!).


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I’m in love with this Paris studio’s wallpapers. Minakani launched their walldecor line 2 years ago and offer custom size and exclusive motifs printed onto high quality non-woven paper. The beautiful and simple overlays of color and delicate yet whimsical style are are refreshing take on room design. I can’t wait to buy some for my bedroom! These designs can inspire any event theme from kids parties to a glamorous cocktail night.

Minakani Peacocks wallpaper textiles Paris

Minakani Peacocks wallpaper textiles Paris

Minakani Clouds wallpaper textiles Paris

Minakani Clouds wallpaper textiles Paris

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