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At LS we pull inspiration for our events from anything and everything, especially art. Martin Pfeifle’s commentary on space and color translate very easily into an event setting, if you look hard enough. I love the colored paper hanging from the ceiling as a potential backdrop or partition. And, I’m a big fan of this pink spacial field turning into a table with one huge hit of color.

"Martin Pfeifle" Yellow Backdrop

"Martin Pfeifle" Pink

"Martin Pfeifle" Pink Field

"Martin Pfeifle" Gold Cardboard

"Martin Pfeifle" gold cardboard

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I just couldn’t resist re-posting this diy idea from Hostess with the Mostess. They have such great diy projects. If you haven’t noticed, LS has a mini obsession over yarn. It’s so cheap and easy to work with. This tutorial of yarn craft brings me back to the yarn partition that we designed and built for our Vessels event.It also takes me back to more of our fabulous posts infusing yarn, including the Yarn Nest, Amanda McCavour’s Art, and our Cozies for the Urban Landscape post.

"Hostess with the mostess" HWTM diy yarn tutorial chandelier

"Hostess with the mostess" HWTM diy yarn tutorial chandelier

HWTM diy yarn tutorial chandelier

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One of our favorite designers for events is none other than David Stark. David works in a world free of constraints and expectations. Here, he hired to create the mood for an evening gala called ART NEXT for the American Friends of the Israel Museum. The logo for NEXT was transformed as a huge installation piece hanging from the ceiling. Created of welded steel, florescent flagging tape dramatically draped from all points along the type. The effect, especially when the light hits it, is radiating and dynamic.

"David Stark" Next

"David Stark" Next

"David Stark" Next

"David Stark" Next

Photography // Susan Montagna

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With less than a week to go before Christmas is upon us, we thought we’d share a cool piece of art/holiday decoration. Hopefully this beautiful tree installation can inspire your last minute holiday decor. This delicate installation, made up of 3.3 miles of elastic cord, was developed from the Danish design duo at Studio Roso for the Victoria & Albert Museum.

"Christmas Tree" "Studio Roso"

"Christmas Tree" "Studio Roso"

“The project schedule was three weeks so Studio Roso emphasized on using readily available materials and processes, in order to meet the tight deadline. The project ran with all phases in parallel: Design, detailing and fabrication was all a combined process.”

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I’m totally loving textile artist Amanda McCavour Spirograph-like disks of yarn. She weaves these pieces of yarn onto a water-soluble fabric that melts away and leaves a bowl like shell form. Accumulation is an installation at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel Cafe. These disks of beautifully threaded flowers cascade down the wall and inspire my own imagination to come up with new ways to decorate.

"Amanda McCavour"

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I love the holidays! More opportunities to host and break out my special cocktail menus and party dresses. I am so inspired by this Kate Spade shoot. What a great way to reinvent the holidays. Can’t afford a tree? Draw one. Want a new holiday idea? Go crazy with the glitter! How cute and delicate.

I ask you, is it too late to whip up a holiday extravaganza with only three weeks to spare? I hope not, because I’m on board to make this happen!

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

Photography: Alison Conklin / Styling: Styled Creative / Cakes and Cupcakes: Brown Betty Desserts / Paper Materials: Two Paperdolls

read on to hear more about the shoot from the Kate Spade team!


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Last week marked my first guest blogging experience with Brooklyn Bride! I had a lot of fun picking inspiration for the site. My inspiration this week was on the color Coral. I’m kind of in love with this color. The best part is, depending on what colors it is paired with, it can transcend all seasons. Look for more of my upcoming guest posts on my inspiration at Brooklyn Bride or right here at Local Social.

Coral "Color Inspiration" Color Color Boards blue gray pink salmon "Brooklyn Bride" "guest blog"

1. Interior by Herzog & Meuron’s | 2. Shades by Group8 | 3. beach wedding via StyleMePretty | 4. Invitation by Be True Designs | 5. Bird Confetti from BHLDN | 6. cake and coral fringe via 100LayerCake | 7. Coral House by Group8

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On a cold, gray day like today, these playful oversized knitted objects bring a little cheer and a feeling of warmth. I want to surround myself with them and take a nap.

Urchin Pouf by Christien Meindertsma

Aran Rug also by Christien Meindertsma

Knitted stools by Claire-Anne O’Brien

Knitted poufs and giant blanket/tapestry from hardblogcafe

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I stumbled upon the artist, Sipho Mabona, while researching origami after I spied this wonderful installation by Meva made of countless folded windmills (note the beautiful shadows cast on the ground below).

Above images are by collaborative, Meva, via designboom

Mabona’s work makes me smile as it encompasses some of my favorite elements – minimalism and whimsy – along with a touch of the unexpected. His installations run the gamut from conventional paper constructed birds and fish to less typical subject matter like full scale interiors and life sized figures made entirely of paper. Continue on for a few examples of Mabona’s work all referenced from his website.

*Origami is a very effective technique to use for an event or an unadorned wall in your home as it is fairly simple & affordable to create and packs a big punch! Click here and here to get started.

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I’m super into this table decor from Hey Look. This is so fall! It’s versatile enough and just right for a light meal with friends or even a somewhat formal dinner for the holidays. I’m in love with the gold vases and use of ferns. They even took the time to style some very cute corsages for the guests. I love that! I’m a big fan of the corny, “hello, my name is tag”, but in a much more subtle sophisticated way and this way (with gold flowers) is much more personal and intimate.

"Hey Look" gold vases "table decor"

"Hey Look" gold vases "table decor"

"Hey Look"

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