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I was driving past Mignonne in Berkeley a few weeks ago and these brightly decorated windows caught my eye. How fun. Mignonne is always coming up with inspiring fun ideas for the windows. All of these windows are done with tape and streamers (with the exception of the painted furniture) by Rebekah Carey McNal of A&B Creative. What a great way to attract attention to passers-by and encourage customers who love a fun, edgy vibe to pop on in. It reminds me of LA-based Megan Geckler‘s work who we’ve featured here before.

If Mignonne sounds familiar, we’ve mentioned this store before as a partner in crime with our Sunday Brunch and Tilt Wedding Fair.

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

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Every event needs a great marketing strategy. Invitations set the tone for your guests and if printed, make your event all the more personalized in a world of online invitations and mass emails. I ran across this really cool wedding invitation via Beast Pieces, designed by Scott Peiffer. The letterpress is an added bonus on these beautifully designed pieces. I am digging the color palette and fun moments of whimsy (flamingo pattern, oh yeah!)

wedding invitations letterpress

wedding invitations letterpress "Beast Pieces"

wedding invitations letterpress "Beast Pieces"

wedding invitations letterpress "Beast Pieces"

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First Friday’s is upon us again. Among the many galleries to exhibit Oakland Artists is Mercury 20. Mercury 20 has a great exhibit this month, featuring three artists whose work brings a new meaning to lost and found. Peter Honig, Dave Meeker, and P.K. Frizzell have been brought together for a group show titled Object Lessons. Their shared adoration for found objects and art reflect a sense of humor and reflection consistent with those working with this discarded medium.

Exhibition dates: March 29 – May 5, 2012
Artists’ Reception: Saturday, April 14 from 4-6 pm. Artists’ Talk at 5pm
Oakland Art Murmur First Fridays: April 6 & May 4 from 6-9pm

Dave Meeker
"Dave Meeker" artist straws Oakland "Mercury 20"

Peter Honig
"Peter Honig" artist  Oakland "Mercury 20"

P.K. Frizzell
"P.K. Frizell" artist paint Oakland "Mercury 20"

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This was a post I recently did as a guest blogger for Brooklyn Bride. Yes, that’s right, I’m recycling! All of it is super relevant to what we at LS bring to the table as designers and event stylists. The color of the month: Mint! Mint has made it’s way back from hibernation (and the 80′s), with a big bang! The color combinations can be both soft and dramatic depending on the combination… you pick and choose!

"Color Inspiration" Mint weddings decor "Pearl River" "Andy Curlowe"

Confetti Systems for The Cream (formally Hitched) | gold painted chair from Anthropologie | Tim Walker photography | Table | Cold Forest by Andy Curlowe // Photo by Paul Sobota | Marypat Pastry Shop designed by Wallnut Studio | String Curtains by Pearl River | unknown awesome design

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We’ll leave you this weekend with some imagery from sculptor and installation artist, Mitra Fabian. She works with atypical materials (such as tape, glue, various office and scientific products and even window blinds) and alters them in such a way that they are not immediately recognizable. All of her pieces end up being very delicate and beautiful when complete.

"Mitra Fabian" art installation paper clips
Cling, binder clips

"Mitra Fabian" art installation blinds
Ventilate I, window blinds, glue

"Mitra Fabian" art installation plastic
Plot, tape, plastic, mixed media

"Mitra Fabian" art installation plastic
B9, pipette chips, acrylic sheet

All photos taken from Mitra Fabian’s web site

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Ropes as art. Ropes as interior design. Ropes as functional elements. Ropes as decor.

Installation by Magdalena Abakanowicz
Abakanowicz Rope Installation

Not sure where I found this. Love the light though.

Ace Hotel in Palm Springs Lobby
"Ace Hotel" "Palm Springs" ropes

Brick House Rope Wall
Rope Wall "BrickHouse"

The Exchange Hotel in Amsterdam
"The Exchange" Hotel Amsterdam

"Hotel Exchange" Amsterdam

Rope Light from Etsy
Rope Light

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It used to be that I could paint anything white and it would fit my décor. My sister used to make fun of me for my tiny obsession. For any of you who watch the show Portlandlia, my obsession reminds me of the hilarious skit, “We put birds on things”. I’d find an old picture frame that didn’t quite fit in my room, so I’d paint it white; a cool vintage statue of an owl, I’d paint it white!

Now I’m obsessed with gold. I love the level of sophistication it can add to any setting, but paired with the right color, and only using a hint of it, it can still be playful and fun. So, this goes out to you, Susie (my sis). You’ll no longer here me talk about white! You can also see this post on Brooklyn Bride where I guest blog from time to time.

Gold Portlandia Anthropologie "Gold Foil" paint DIY

Tablescape on The Decorista | gold flatware from West Elm | Confetti System Streamers | Foil Stamped Invitations featured on The Sweetest Occasion | gold painted chair from Anthropologie | artwork of Martin Pfeifle | Streamers from Martha Stewart | wallpaper by Verde | DIY star drink sticks | gold painted branches at Martha Stewart | gold installation by Carmody Groarke

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At LS we pull inspiration for our events from anything and everything, especially art. Martin Pfeifle’s commentary on space and color translate very easily into an event setting, if you look hard enough. I love the colored paper hanging from the ceiling as a potential backdrop or partition. And, I’m a big fan of this pink spacial field turning into a table with one huge hit of color.

"Martin Pfeifle" Yellow Backdrop

"Martin Pfeifle" Pink

"Martin Pfeifle" Pink Field

"Martin Pfeifle" Gold Cardboard

"Martin Pfeifle" gold cardboard

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I just couldn’t resist re-posting this diy idea from Hostess with the Mostess. They have such great diy projects. If you haven’t noticed, LS has a mini obsession over yarn. It’s so cheap and easy to work with. This tutorial of yarn craft brings me back to the yarn partition that we designed and built for our Vessels event.It also takes me back to more of our fabulous posts infusing yarn, including the Yarn Nest, Amanda McCavour’s Art, and our Cozies for the Urban Landscape post.

"Hostess with the mostess" HWTM diy yarn tutorial chandelier

"Hostess with the mostess" HWTM diy yarn tutorial chandelier

HWTM diy yarn tutorial chandelier

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I’m totally loving textile artist Amanda McCavour Spirograph-like disks of yarn. She weaves these pieces of yarn onto a water-soluble fabric that melts away and leaves a bowl like shell form. Accumulation is an installation at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel Cafe. These disks of beautifully threaded flowers cascade down the wall and inspire my own imagination to come up with new ways to decorate.

"Amanda McCavour"

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