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VIRGINE. was a new innovative high fashion, art and music magazine set to revolutionize the way people interact with the fashion industry. I’m not quite sure if they are still around, but I found some really great imagery from a shoot for their magazine. This bridge (photos below) of current fashion trends with sculpture has such cross-over of platforms, that they have succeeded in my mind. They certainly aren’t afraid to push the envelope.

Virgine, coke bottles, fashion, art

“VIRGINE is about what people want, not just what the fashion industry thinks people want.” “Truth be told, the equation of fashion is not as one-sided as it seems. Just as fashion works from the top down, so too does it work from the bottom up. In other words, trends are created in both directions. Acknowledging that truth is at the top of VIRGINE’s list. The bigger picture for the VIRGINE brand is to inspire change.”

Virgine, m&m's, fashion, sculpture

tide, fashion, virgine, sculpture

Images and excerpts // VIRGINE.
Photography // Ryan Yoon
Styling // Hissa Igarashi

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As Local Social prepares to design the Art Murmur Fundraiser, we’ve been finding some great decor inspiration. The event name is Flourish. So as you can imagine, we started conjuring up images of florals and embellishments. We came across this decor design for Karl Lagerfeld’s breathtakingly beautiful all-white collection for Chanel. The whole experience is inspiring, from the white lazer cut tablecloths, to the oversized Alice in Wonderland like floral garlands of roses and camellias adorning the columns and backdrops, to the headdresses on the models themselves. All perfect inspiration for a wedding and seems very doable (with a lot of help from friends with scissors!)

Chanel "Karl Lagerfeld" paper "laser cut" "paper flowers"

Chanel "Karl Lagerfeld" paper "laser cut" "paper flowers"

There were about 7000 handmade paper flowers which took a total of 4800 hours to make! 4000 m2 of white paper was used.

Chanel "Karl Lagerfeld" paper "laser cut" "paper flowers"

Chanel "Karl Lagerfeld" paper "laser cut" "paper flowers"

Paper backdrop

This decor was due to the Chanel workers, under the direction of Stephane Lubrina

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