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This is long overdue, but we’re finally posting about the alternative wedding event we were a part of in September: Tilt. This was the first Tilt event, catering toward the alternative bride and groom. We were so excited when Swarm Gallery (the hosting venue of the event) asked us to style and participate in it. What a fantastic venue for brides and grooms to take in the overwhelming job of searching for cool/alternative wedding knowledge.

Check out a video of Tilt by Oakland North as well as more info below on the styling of the event.

Tilt Wedding "Wedding Events" "Bay Area" "Swarm Gallery" "Bridal Fair" Brides

For the styling of Tilt, we were inspired by a simple, sophisticated and playful palette of colors and whimsical decor. We received generous contributions for floral arrangements (provided by Clementine in Rockridge), calligraphy from Megan Cott, Air Plants for boutonnieres and decor from Air Plant Supply Co., furniture from Mignonne Decor, and decorated with these incredibly large and lofty balloons to make the space simply amazing.

Tilt Wedding "Wedding Events" "Bay Area" "Swarm Gallery" "Bridal Fair" Brides

Photos // Bliss Fotography or Local Social

We had so much fun coming up with creative ideas with Svea from Swarm, including a cake cutting from The Whole Cake, a casual fashion show from creations by Cara Borja, DJ’s and dancing by various artists including the group pictured below, The Solace Trio as well as DJ Extra Lars, Alex Jacobs and Tiny Home, a photo booth hosted by Magnolia Photo Booth Co., and food vendors both inside and out!


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Remember that beautiful garland that Clemintine, now known as Belle Flower, so graciously made for our Benedict Brunch? Well, Natalie also shared some of her secrets with us on exactly how to do one of your own. It is super simple and makes for an interesting accent to any party to boot! Follow the steps below to design your own.

Step 1:
Get your tools ready: You’ll need a pair of pruning sheers, some garden wire cut in about four inch strips, wire cutter, and of course flowers.

Local Social DIY flower garland

Step 2:
Pick out your favorite flowers and get your tools ready. Mixing up some greens with a couple accent colors worked for us. Make sure to ask your florist for hardy flowers that won’t wilt too quickly. Once you put this together, there is no real easy way to keep it fresh. Ours lasted for 2 days without water and a little spritzing.

Step 3:
Start putting together a mini bouquet/arrangement of your flowers. Once you are satisfied, loop a wire around to secure the bundle. Make more.

Local Social DIY flower garland

Step 4:
Once you have enough bundles, you can begin putting them together. Overlap the first bundle over the second so the stems are not visible. Take wire and bind together being careful to weave in between the top bundle in order to make the wire as conspicuous as possible.

Local Social Flower Garland DIY

Step 5:
Continue until you have made your garland as long as you want. Make sure any weak points are secure with more wire. Now is the time to patch up any holes with extra flowers and stems.

Local Social DIY flower garland

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We’re quite proud to share today’s post with you! LS teamed up last Sunday (Easter) with a great group of ladies (a florist, a local boutique owner, and a photographer) to shoot a beautiful spring-inspired Eggs Benedict brunch. Our styling was influenced by our latest obsession: the iconic chevron pattern. We can’t seem to get enough of it as you can see from our blog header (not to mention that it reminds us fondly of our childhood friend, Charlie Brown). We also found the perfect plates from Aedriel Originals on Etsy complete with none other than a yellow chevron pattern! Emily, from Emily Takes Photos, did a great job of taking photos of the event. The flowers were put together by Natalie from Belle Flower and the props were courtesy of Johnelle, a local boutique owner of Mignonne Decor. Stay tuned to see more details from this event (Bloody Mary recipe included!).

So start dreaming up that next party. Every Monday deserves a dream of the next weekend brunch to make the week go by quicker, right?

Local Social Benedict Brunch


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The other day we had the pleasure to meet one of our local florists at her lovely shop in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood, Natalie from Clementine, now known as Belle Flower. You might not recognize that it’s a flower shop from the outside but this cute boutique has been steadily attracting passersby with a beautiful array of vintage and local artisan finds. Only when you enter to smell the sweet scent of nature do you realize that Natalie has more to offer than just a good sense of style.

We asked Natalie a little bit about herself and what she loves about Oakland. Continue reading to get more tidbits.


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