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I was drawn to this paper stencil cutting at Cosecha Cafe the other day. The intricate poster, by Tahiti Pehrson who does gorgeous work, is a subtle addition that works nicely in the bright and modern open space. It’s also another reason to go for lunch (in addition to their delicious butternut squash quesadilla!).


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This is long overdue, but we’re finally posting about the alternative wedding event we were a part of in September: Tilt. This was the first Tilt event, catering toward the alternative bride and groom. We were so excited when Swarm Gallery (the hosting venue of the event) asked us to style and participate in it. What a fantastic venue for brides and grooms to take in the overwhelming job of searching for cool/alternative wedding knowledge.

Check out a video of Tilt by Oakland North as well as more info below on the styling of the event.

Tilt Wedding "Wedding Events" "Bay Area" "Swarm Gallery" "Bridal Fair" Brides

For the styling of Tilt, we were inspired by a simple, sophisticated and playful palette of colors and whimsical decor. We received generous contributions for floral arrangements (provided by Clementine in Rockridge), calligraphy from Megan Cott, Air Plants for boutonnieres and decor from Air Plant Supply Co., furniture from Mignonne Decor, and decorated with these incredibly large and lofty balloons to make the space simply amazing.

Tilt Wedding "Wedding Events" "Bay Area" "Swarm Gallery" "Bridal Fair" Brides

Photos // Bliss Fotography or Local Social

We had so much fun coming up with creative ideas with Svea from Swarm, including a cake cutting from The Whole Cake, a casual fashion show from creations by Cara Borja, DJ’s and dancing by various artists including the group pictured below, The Solace Trio as well as DJ Extra Lars, Alex Jacobs and Tiny Home, a photo booth hosted by Magnolia Photo Booth Co., and food vendors both inside and out!


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The setting: Chris French Metal Shop. The artists: an array of established and up-and-coming Oakland locals featuring the wonderful sculpture artist, Ann Weber, photographers Melissa Kaseman (who graciously documented the event) and Greg Goodman, as well as ceramicists Sara Paloma and Whitney Smith. The food: designed and put together by Caleb Jones from Michael Minna with assistance from Maggie Weber-Striplin with Pachamama Cookery who served up her signature pierogies as an appetizer. And last but not least, the music: Uriah Duffy and Max McVeety. These were our most recent collaborators all responsible for a wonderful Oakland art event that we hosted on June 25th of this year.

The concept for Vessels came from a desire to merge different media of art while celebrating Oakland in a unique pop-up style food-infused event. The status: a raging good time with more events to come (stay tuned!).

Vessels Oakland "Ann Weber" "Uriah Duffy" "Caleb Jones" "Oakland Art"

Photos // Summer Makovkin’s Photography. // We veiled the chefs in a screen of multi-colored yarn to create texture and mood…a beautiful pop of color infused into an industrial metal shop setting. It’s really easy to do and makes a great backdrop. // Sara Paloma’s vases. // Our long dining table filled with colorful vessels.

Vessels Oakland "Ann Weber" "Uriah Duffy" "Caleb Jones" "Oakland Art"

Photos // Ann Weber and Sara Paloma // a delicious pierogi // Whitney Smith and Sara Paloma demonstrated their talents


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At Local Social, we are big on designing a signature cocktail for every party we create (designed by our LS mixology guru Marjan). Something about having a specially made drink for your guests really says you went the extra mile to make their time special (and delicious!). Bon Appetite has done a great job on their site of telling you exactly how you can make your own event stand out with killer cocktail recipes and interesting features (like how to make your own ice specific to each drink).

"bon appetite" drinks

I’m in love with the cool clean classic graphics and photography, as well as the classic choices of videos and yummy concoctions. Take a look and find a way to spruce up your next party.

"bon appetite" drinks

"bon appetite" drinks

Bon Appetite also includes informative videos on the proper way to mix your favorite drink. In this case, we’ve included a link for a manhattan. Enjoy.

For more interesting resources for drinks, check out The Art of the Bar and the web site Liqurious.

* look for a post on Marjan and his amazing drinks soon on our blog!

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Forget the big hoorah this Memorial Day and make your moment more intimate with this backyard picnic idea. Spread some blankets around, bbq some delicious burgers, and cop a squat next to your favorite gal/guy. We were inspired by this muted patriotic palette that we found on One Seven. We threw in some inspiration for taking your picnic on the road to designing packets of biodegradable silverware. If you really want to get crafty, you can follow that recipe for these cupcakes in a jar favors from the blog Cakies. They look delicious.

"Memorial Day" backyard bbq

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LS had a chance to board the Bay Area Green Tours bus for a tour of organic, local, and sustainable farms last Saturday. We are so lucky to live in an area that is rich in agriculture and strong in progressive thinking, that it was a treat for us to get the opportunity to see just what goes into growing and raising the food that we eat. BAGT is dedicated toward helping us understand local sustainability in hopes that it will inspire and empower us to take better care of the world we live in. Who couldn’t agree with that mission? Their tours range from Renewable Energy to Sustainable Foods to Green Collar Jobs.

"Bay Area Green Tours" "Farm to Fork"

Photos // (clockwise) Stemple Creek Land // farm at County Line Harvest // various salsa made fresh from the boys at Quetzal Farm // below is an image of Quetzal Farm

With organic being all the rage regulations on what that means have become very lax. We wanted to find out what local farmers are doing to preserve the integrity of our food’s happiness. This isn’t an easy task. In a nutshell, what we learned was that organic farming takes a lot of work! Because organic farmers don’t use pesticides on their vegetables, all weeds must be pulled by hand, organic certification is expensive, land is hard to maintain, feed is more expensive, finding consistent buyers is a full-time job, and education on maintaining a healthy diet through eating organic and grass fed is challenging. Bravo to those we met from Quetzal Farm, Red Hill Ranch, and Stemple Creek Ranch that take this job on so that we can eat well and feel good about it too!

"Bay Area Green Tours" "Farm to Fork"

Photos // (clockwise) Happy Free Range Chickens at Red Hill Ranch // tools at Quetzal Farm // Old Dairy Barn on the Red Hill Ranch property // greenhouse at Quetzal Farm

To learn more about the tours that Bay Area Green Tours organizes click here.

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Farm to Fork

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We’re going to write about a different kind of art today. . . an art where getting down and dirty is just another day.

Farm to Fork Tour
In the Bay Area we have a plethora of farms and gardens right at our disposal. But here’s an opportunity that you may not always have: visiting the farmers who run them and learning more about where your food comes from. Bay Area Green Tours is hosting their second Farm to Fork Tour, in collaboration with Marin Agricultural Land Trust. On May 7 (there are still spots available!) you will have the chance to learn exactly where the sustainable food from our local restaurants comes from, and tour the properties on which it’s raised and grown as well as meet the farmers who make it possible. This is such a treat to be able to do and I’m so thankful that I am going to be taking part in the adventure! That’s right, LS will be taking the journey and covering the tour right here on our blog.

We encourage everyone to take part and learn more about how your food gets from the Farm to your Fork!

Sign up here to secure your spot on the bus!

Saturday, May 7th, 2011

Bay Area Green Tours "Farm to Fork"

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