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I am continually impressed with Target’s In-House graphic design team. The latest in my list of my admiration is this great ad campaign for Target’s 50th Anniversary. They used old Target circulars and ads from the 60′s as bold backdrops for the models. I love the mix of vintage and new fashion forward photography. Way to do it again Target. These are pieces of art that I would post anywhere in my house proudly. Feel free to send me copies! :)

Target, "50th Anniversary", "graphic design", advertising


Target, "50th Anniversary", "graphic design", advertising

Target, "50th Anniversary", "graphic design", advertising

Target, "50th Anniversary", "graphic design", advertising

Directors and Creative // Jason Langer, Jon Baugh, Allan Peters, and Maggie Harn (Target In-House)

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Good morning Local Socialites! Today we bring you the first of many contests. The prize: one of two original prints from Oakland California’s Bloom Screen Printing Co. (featured below). Entering is easy. Fill out our short survey (we promise) and subscribe to our newsletter. Send the survey out to friends and ask them to subscribe, and your name is automatically entered twice! Be sure to tell your friends to put your name in as the referral within the subscriber form. Fill out the forms by August 25th! Winners will be announced the first week of September!. You must fill out the survey AND subscribe to be entered in the drawing.

What you’ll win! The following prints will be given to two lucky winners. These prints were printed as a part of Getting Upper, a project Nat of Bloom Press participated in last year with the Pasadena Museum of California Art. Read on for a short Q&A I had with the owner Nat Swope below.
"Bloom Screen Printing Co."

"Bloom Screen Printing Co."

Bloom Screen Printing Co. Q&A:
I had a chance to sit down with Nat Swope, the owner of Bloom Screen Printing Co. recently to hear more about his business. I was most impressed with his humble attitude toward his craft and those he is fortunate to work with. I discovered him through the Oakland Art Murmur. His shop was open and he was selling many of his prints. Being a graphic designer and trained in the old school world of print design, I was drawn to the hand done quality of screen printing. Nat has a deep appreciation for the craft and a strong sense of skill that sets his quality in execution apart from a lot of competitors. I’m looking forward to seeing what his next steps are. If you have something that you want screenprinted, he’s your man.

"Bloom Screen Printing Co." Oakland, Screenprinting, Screen Print, "Jason Munn", "Nat Swope"

Did you go to college for printmaking or did you teach yourself?

I did not go to art school. I didn’t exactly teach myself, either. A lot of people have schooled me over the years. I was introduced to screen printing by my aunt. She’s an artist, was an art teacher. Later on I worked at various shops and learned on the job. Shirts, mostly. The fundamentals of printing shirts isn’t all that different than printing paper. That’s one reason I like it–it’s immediate and direct.

How did you get your start in screen printing?

I got turned onto graphic design in part by the hippie posters from the 60′s–Victor Moscoso, Rick Griffin… all the Fillmore dudes. It started from there. For the record, I am not a hippie.
Read on for more of his interview

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