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Happy Valentine’s Day. What perfect timing. Last week I went to the first art show for Everyday Valentine. Trina Spiller, a genuine lover, just plain cool girl, and the artist behind these poetic illustrative pieces of art, is just the type of person you want to be around. If you don’t know her, each one of her pieces takes a bit of her humor and lovely nature and swirls it up in a quirky one-of-a-kind piece that you can buy, if only to remember to smile every time you look at it. Trina was kind enough to engage in a quick Q&A. Read below for more.

"Everyday Valentine" "Trina Spiller" valentines illustration sayings

"Everyday Valentine" "Trina Spiller" valentines illustration sayings

"Everyday Valentine" "Trina Spiller" valentines illustration sayings

bacon "Trina Spiller"

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Ok. So, I know Valentine’s Day is cheesy. It’s a holiday mainly dedicated to the sale of candy, pink teddy bears, and expensive roses. We don’t celebrate it in our house as a couple, but I love the idea of throwing a party or celebrating it with friend’s. I found these so cute V-day cards from the girls over at Hello Lucky and I instantly was taken back 20++ years. I have fond memories of hand crafting my own little mailbox in homeroom and anticipating the moment when I could distribute all those Valentine day notes that I, oh-so-carefully choose for my close friends. And of course we can’t forget the one or two special ones for those cute boys hoping they’d clue in to the message on the front, “I cho cho choose you”? (they never did clue in, did they?)

"Hello Lucky" "Valentine's Day Cards"

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Hi readers. We’ll see you next week after some much needed R&R. Happy Holidays.
Love the LS ladies!

Wood Letterforms from Oh Dier on Etsy

"Oh Dier" Wood Letterforms Etsy

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With less than a week to go before Christmas is upon us, we thought we’d share a cool piece of art/holiday decoration. Hopefully this beautiful tree installation can inspire your last minute holiday decor. This delicate installation, made up of 3.3 miles of elastic cord, was developed from the Danish design duo at Studio Roso for the Victoria & Albert Museum.

"Christmas Tree" "Studio Roso"

"Christmas Tree" "Studio Roso"

“The project schedule was three weeks so Studio Roso emphasized on using readily available materials and processes, in order to meet the tight deadline. The project ran with all phases in parallel: Design, detailing and fabrication was all a combined process.”

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The holidays are right around the corner and being the procrastinator that I am, shopping has barely started in our household. Rather than brave the chain stores and mall madness, this year I plan to visit a medley of my favorite local shops & craft fairs. Below is a smattering that the bay area has to offer representing a wonderful variety of unique and affordable goods – perfect for any holiday gift list.

SF Renegade Craft Fair (be sure to check out our friend’s Mahoohoo & Sara Paloma!)

OakCollectiv in Oakland (also temporary home to Awaken Cafe!)

Stop by this Friday for their holiday extravaganza!

25th Street Collective in Oakland

Creative Growth Holiday Sale (gallery has extended hours!)

The Crucible is also having their holiday open house filled with demonstrations and revelry this Saturday, December 10th.


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I love the holidays! More opportunities to host and break out my special cocktail menus and party dresses. I am so inspired by this Kate Spade shoot. What a great way to reinvent the holidays. Can’t afford a tree? Draw one. Want a new holiday idea? Go crazy with the glitter! How cute and delicate.

I ask you, is it too late to whip up a holiday extravaganza with only three weeks to spare? I hope not, because I’m on board to make this happen!

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

Photography: Alison Conklin / Styling: Styled Creative / Cakes and Cupcakes: Brown Betty Desserts / Paper Materials: Two Paperdolls

read on to hear more about the shoot from the Kate Spade team!


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