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Oakland Art Murmur’s first fundraising event, FLOURISH is just days away now. By attending and spreading the word, you help to raise funds for this valuable organization whose mission is right in line with ours…to see Oakland and its incredible art scene thrive.

Details can be found below and tickets can be purchased here.

oakland art murmur, local social

Thank you for supporting!

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This is long overdue, but we’re finally posting about the alternative wedding event we were a part of in September: Tilt. This was the first Tilt event, catering toward the alternative bride and groom. We were so excited when Swarm Gallery (the hosting venue of the event) asked us to style and participate in it. What a fantastic venue for brides and grooms to take in the overwhelming job of searching for cool/alternative wedding knowledge.

Check out a video of Tilt by Oakland North as well as more info below on the styling of the event.

Tilt Wedding "Wedding Events" "Bay Area" "Swarm Gallery" "Bridal Fair" Brides

For the styling of Tilt, we were inspired by a simple, sophisticated and playful palette of colors and whimsical decor. We received generous contributions for floral arrangements (provided by Clementine in Rockridge), calligraphy from Megan Cott, Air Plants for boutonnieres and decor from Air Plant Supply Co., furniture from Mignonne Decor, and decorated with these incredibly large and lofty balloons to make the space simply amazing.

Tilt Wedding "Wedding Events" "Bay Area" "Swarm Gallery" "Bridal Fair" Brides

Photos // Bliss Fotography or Local Social

We had so much fun coming up with creative ideas with Svea from Swarm, including a cake cutting from The Whole Cake, a casual fashion show from creations by Cara Borja, DJ’s and dancing by various artists including the group pictured below, The Solace Trio as well as DJ Extra Lars, Alex Jacobs and Tiny Home, a photo booth hosted by Magnolia Photo Booth Co., and food vendors both inside and out!


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The setting: Chris French Metal Shop. The artists: an array of established and up-and-coming Oakland locals featuring the wonderful sculpture artist, Ann Weber, photographers Melissa Kaseman (who graciously documented the event) and Greg Goodman, as well as ceramicists Sara Paloma and Whitney Smith. The food: designed and put together by Caleb Jones from Michael Minna with assistance from Maggie Weber-Striplin with Pachamama Cookery who served up her signature pierogies as an appetizer. And last but not least, the music: Uriah Duffy and Max McVeety. These were our most recent collaborators all responsible for a wonderful Oakland art event that we hosted on June 25th of this year.

The concept for Vessels came from a desire to merge different media of art while celebrating Oakland in a unique pop-up style food-infused event. The status: a raging good time with more events to come (stay tuned!).

Vessels Oakland "Ann Weber" "Uriah Duffy" "Caleb Jones" "Oakland Art"

Photos // Summer Makovkin’s Photography. // We veiled the chefs in a screen of multi-colored yarn to create texture and mood…a beautiful pop of color infused into an industrial metal shop setting. It’s really easy to do and makes a great backdrop. // Sara Paloma’s vases. // Our long dining table filled with colorful vessels.

Vessels Oakland "Ann Weber" "Uriah Duffy" "Caleb Jones" "Oakland Art"

Photos // Ann Weber and Sara Paloma // a delicious pierogi // Whitney Smith and Sara Paloma demonstrated their talents


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A reminder that the premier of Swarm Gallery’s fabulous boutique wedding fair, Tilt, is happening this Sunday from 12-4! So if you or a friend is searching for great but unconventional wedding ideas, be sure to put this event on your weekend to-do list. You’ll find creative vendors, crafty drinks & eats, music that will move you, & more.

Visit our post from earlier this month for more details. We hope to see you there!

Images below are courtesy of 7x7SF. Click here to see the full article.

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Get ready Bay Area brides and grooms, we’ve got an event to jump start those wedding plans. Once again we’re teaming up with Svea over at Swarm Gallery as well as event planner Erica Ota from Pretty Perfect Events to plan the first bay area boutique wedding fair, Tilt. Designed to be more of a party than a typical fair, TILT is a culmination of a treasure hunt for artful and unique businesses – both from the wedding industry, and sometime providers to offer couples the experience of possibility.

tilt "wedding fair" boutique "bay area" weddings

Photos (clockwise) // Air Plant Supply Co. / The Whole Cake / Swarm Gallery shoot for Martha Stewart + Styling: Enjoy Events Co. + Photography: Kate Harrison / Tamra-Marie Artistry

TILT definitely promises to be the alternative wedding event and a breath of fresh air in the highly commercialized marketplace. We’ll have wedding day wares and fashion pieces from Cari Borja, DJ Extra Lars, food trucks and snow cones, raffles and many more surprises throughout the afternoon. All of this in order to provide inspiration for your special day.

The event will take place at Swarm Gallery, 560 2nd St, Oakland, 94607 on Sunday September 25th from 12 to 4pm. Purchase advance tickets through Brown Paper Tickets for $15 / At the door $20. More information can be found at

The Whole Cake
7×7 Magazine
East Bay Express
Local Social
Good Citizen Brands
Bliss Fotography
Napa Valley Linens
Air Plant Supply Co.

(Please check the Tilt web site for a complete list!)
Pretty Perfect Events
Local Social
Bliss Fotography
Nancy Rothstein Photography
Magnolia Photo Booth Co.
Tamra-Marie Artistry
Cari Borja Clothesmaker
O’Lover Hats
The Whole Cake
Paulding & Company, a Creative Kitchen
The Vegetarian Gourmet
Ninkasi Brewing Company
The Card Lady
Napa Valley Linens
Air Plant Supply Co.
Eat Le Truc
Skylite Snowballs
Learn with Lynn Dance

Live music with…
DJ Extra Lars
Solace Trio
Alex Andrey and Himiko
Tiny Home

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Hi all! Our Vessels Event is just around the corner. Who can pass up a dinner by two great chefs (Caleb Jones from Michael Mina and Maggie Weber-Striplin from Pachamama), music by Uriah Duffy and Max McVeety, artists such as Ann Weber, Whitney Smith, and Sara Paloma, and 3 new photographers that we’ve added to the mix: Melissa Kaseman, Greg Goodman, and Summer Makovkin! We are so excited to bring all of these great artists and people to you under one roof. There will be raffles to win artwork, drinks, music, demonstrations on throwing clay (oh, and did we mention a delicious dinner!). We can’t wait. So, buy that last minute ticket, spread the word, or donate through Kickstarter and get a discount on the event while supporting the arts! We’ve extended the deadline for purchasing tickets to this Wednesday. Hope to see you there!

Date: June 26
Dinner: 5-8pm
Cost: $35

In the meantime, maybe we can entice you with our chef’s delicious (but still in-progress) menu along with images from some of our contributing photographers! You can also click on one of these links if you’d like to find out more about the other collaborators: musicians, chefs or artists.

Vessels Dinner Menu "Local Social"


Melissa Kaseman
Melissa Kaseman uses photography as a language to visually describe the moments that are significant to her life experience. As she states: “I aim to tell a poetic, open narrative through photography as a way for me to ground myself by exploring themes concerning loss, illness, nostalgia, intimacy, and hope.”

"Melissa Kaseman"

"Melissa Kaseman"

Greg Goodman
Greg’s sense of adventure is apparent in his work, which features many photos from his travels around the world.

"Greg Goodman" photography Oakland

"Greg Goodman" photography Oakland

Summer Makovkin
Using her camera as sort of passport, Summer shows her intimate view of life. “Whether I find myself at weddings, around children, traveling in new places, seeing new people or old people, or experiencing spontaneous adventures, I delight in living fully and capturing the essence of this amazing Life.”

"Summer Makovkin" photography Oakland

"Summer Makovkin" photography Oakland

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Tickets are still on sale for Vessels, our upcoming event on June 26th. Space is limited (we’ll be closing sales end of day on Monday, June 20th!), so get those tickets purchased! We’re hoping that we can get everyone as excited as we are to participate and join the fun. We’re offering discounts if you fund us through Kickstarter and tons of exciting entertainment the night of. You don’t have to live close to fund this event, you just have to love supporting the arts and us and we’ll even give you a gift for your effort!

Two weeks ago we gave you a glimpse into the amazing artists that we’ve been honored to feature at this event. As promised, we’d now like to give you a sneak peak into our musical lineup and chef talent.

"Uriah Duffy" "Maggie Weber-Striplin" "Caleb Jones" "Max McVeety"

Photos // left to right: Caleb Jones, Maggie Weber-Striplin, Uriah Duffy taken by Barry Foy, Max McVeety

Maggie Weber-Striplin, owner Pachamama Cookery
Maggie Weber-Striplin attended Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition in Berkeley, CA and is a Certified Natural Chef. She is the proud co-owner of Pachamama Cookery, a new food venture specializing in natural world cuisine. Their first emphasis, pierogies, fermented sauerkraut, and creme fraiche, have been greatly received at underground farmer’s markets such as New Taste Marketplace and Homegrown Marin.
Learn more about Pachamama Cookery here.

Caleb Jones, chef at Michael Mina
A Graduate of the California Culinary Academy in 2003, Caleb has been working in restaurants for over 13 years. Caleb has worked at The Fifth Floor, Frisson, Chez Spencer and is currently working at Michael Mina in San Francisco.

Uriah Duffy, Bass musician
Not many musicians boast a range which encompasses everything from hard rock to hard funk and everything in-between. Jazz, Hip-hop and even classical stylings can be heard throughout the solo pieces of bassist Uriah Duffy, a bassist who has made a name for himself playing with the likes of Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Whitesnake, Starship, and is currently the musical director for the Bay Area artist Lyrics Born. Uriah employs the use of effects, loopers and just about every technique known to the modern bass guitar to create sounds from thumping’ funk to smooth melodies over soulful grooves.

Max McVeety, Drums
Max has held down hip-hop drumming in the Bay Area for over a decade. His experience in this field has kept him busy as the backbeat for many artists, most notably the successful underground hip-hoppers Crown City Rockers. Max also incorporates electronics into his sound to create atmospheric space, soundscapes and surprising sound effects.

Together, these two can sound like many more musicians at once, leaving the listener looking for perhaps a third, invisible member. This is the MUD trio.

Vessels. In collaboration with our good friends over at Swarm Gallery and Chris French Metal, this event will have it all; local artists, food & drink, music, and entertainment. Our goal is to call attention to the prolific artistic community in Oakland. Vessels will explore and challenge people to think about how they use and experience vessels in their daily lives through art, music, space and food.

Help support us through our fundraising site,”Kickstarter, and get discounts on tickets or rewards for your support! Tickets on sale now!

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We’re so excited to share with you our latest venture: We just launched our Vessel Event Sales for June 26th. In addition to a great line up of artists and entertainment we’ve added several great local chefs to the line up as well as a workshop hosted by our feature artist, Ann Weber. So, buy your tickets now for either the event or the workshop in order to secure your spot. Or if you can’t come, you can always support us and the artists through Kickstarter! Read on for more info and to purchase tickets.

"Local Social" Vessels Event "Whitney Smith" "Ann Weber"

Date: June 26
Workshop with Ann Weber: 12-3pm
Cost: $25
Buy tickets for the Workshop through Brown Paper Tickets.

Date: June 26
Dinner Event: 5-8pm
Cost: $35
Buy tickets for the Art & Dinner Event through Brown Paper Tickets.
Sorry – no refunds. 



Ann Weber, installation artist

Whitney Smith, ceramicist

Sara Paloma, ceramicist

Creative Growth

Caleb Jones, chef, currently working with Michael Mina

Maggie Weber-Striplin, owner/chef Pachamama Cookery

Uriah Duffy, bass/music

Max McVeety, drums/music

Melissa Kaseman, photographer

Greg Goodman, photographer

Summer Makovkin, photographer

Pledge money to support our collaborating artists through
(In order to make this event happen and procure our artists and entertainment, we need to support them adequately with financial backing for supplies and their creativity. That’s where Kickstarter comes in!)

Please forward this on to help us spread the word.

We hope that this will be the beginning of an ongoing series of art events in Oakland and the Bay Area. Our goal is to engage the local community in a new way that is approachable and open for everyone and most of all…fun!

Vessels is the latest event creation by Local Social, in collaboration with Swarm Gallery and Chris French Metal. The event will explore and challenge people to think about how they use and experience vessels in our daily lives through art, music, space and food. Guests will be able to engage with featured artists and interact with one another and the artwork while eating delicious edibles from our talented chef collaborators.

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We’re up to something again! LS is pleased to announce our latest event creation:
Vessels. In collaboration with our good friends over at Swarm Gallery, this event will have it all; from local artists, food, drink, music, and entertainment. Our goal is to call attention to the prolific artistic community in Oakland. The event will explore and challenge people to think about how they use and experience vessels in their daily lives through art, music, space and food. You can find out more about our event through Stay tuned for tickets to go on sale in the early part of June.

In the meantime, take a look at some of the amazing artists who will be participating. Stay tuned for more info on our participating music, artists and chefs to come in the upcoming weeks!

Ann Weber
Ann Weber brings an completely unique and exciting approach to sculpture. She uses cardboard as her medium creating shapes that are so organic that they seem almost natural.

Ann Weber Cardboard Art Oakland

Ann Weber Cardboard Art Oakland

Whitney Smith
You may recognize Whitney’s work from a previous post where we highlighted her. Her work is so delicate and beautiful we couldn’t help but bring her on board.

Whitney Smith Ceramics Lotus Bowls Oakland

Sara Paloma
Sara’s iconic work has been featured in magazines and stores for many years! We’ve seen it around town and at art shows, and now we’re excited to be working with her.

Sara Paloma Oakland ceramicist

June 26: Vessels
Guests will be able to engage with featured artists and interact with one another and the artwork (by walking around the installations and partaking in the entertainment, having conversations with the artists, eating and drinking around the artwork and also from handmade vessels provided by the artists).

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Part Deux of our Sunday Brunch: The Bar! You’ve seen our Egg’s Benedict Table from Easter Sunday, and there’s still more. . . the drink station. Thanks to our long time collaborator and bartender extraordinaire, Marjan, we have an extra special Bloody Mary recipe (below) to send your way. In addition to some more tantalizing photos.

Bloody Mary Oakland Local Social

Photos // Emily Takes Photos

Bloody Mary (April 1st)

Recipe makes 7-8 drinks.

24 oz Tomato Juice
2 oz Beef Broth (or Veggie Broth)
1.5 oz Lemon Juice
8 cloves Roasted Garlic, made into a paste (or thoroughly muddled)
3 T Kosher Salt
2 T Paprika
1 tsp Celery Salt
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp Black Pepper

Garnish: Spicy Chorizo stuffed Castelvetrano olives

Stir the ingredients until salt gets dissolved, garlic gets disintegrated and serve it with vodka (4 : 1). One ounce of vodka mixed with four ounces of b.m. mix makes a decent size drink (pint glass size-ish)

* for a special touch to your Bloody Mary, infuse your own vodka with bacon! That’s right, I said it, bacon. It’s delicious.

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