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Building off our post from last Friday, today we highlight the color orange again in homage to summer…which, as I gaze out the window at a blue-skied and sunny morning, seems to be off to a great start.

Heath Ceramics latest seasonal collection is inspired by the warmth of summer, featuring soft hues of orange in an array of elegant and minimal shapes. Each piece is beautiful on its own or as a set to adorn the table of your next outdoor dinner party. Collection is available through October.

All images via Heath Ceramics

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I was driving past Mignonne in Berkeley a few weeks ago and these brightly decorated windows caught my eye. How fun. Mignonne is always coming up with inspiring fun ideas for the windows. All of these windows are done with tape and streamers (with the exception of the painted furniture) by Rebekah Carey McNal of A&B Creative. What a great way to attract attention to passers-by and encourage customers who love a fun, edgy vibe to pop on in. It reminds me of LA-based Megan Geckler‘s work who we’ve featured here before.

If Mignonne sounds familiar, we’ve mentioned this store before as a partner in crime with our Sunday Brunch and Tilt Wedding Fair.

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

Mignonne, windows, fluorescent, tape

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Hi readers. We’ll see you next week after some much needed R&R. Happy Holidays.
Love the LS ladies!

Wood Letterforms from Oh Dier on Etsy

"Oh Dier" Wood Letterforms Etsy

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The holidays are right around the corner and being the procrastinator that I am, shopping has barely started in our household. Rather than brave the chain stores and mall madness, this year I plan to visit a medley of my favorite local shops & craft fairs. Below is a smattering that the bay area has to offer representing a wonderful variety of unique and affordable goods – perfect for any holiday gift list.

SF Renegade Craft Fair (be sure to check out our friend’s Mahoohoo & Sara Paloma!)

OakCollectiv in Oakland (also temporary home to Awaken Cafe!)

Stop by this Friday for their holiday extravaganza!

25th Street Collective in Oakland

Creative Growth Holiday Sale (gallery has extended hours!)

The Crucible is also having their holiday open house filled with demonstrations and revelry this Saturday, December 10th.


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I always look forward to my visits to LA. Venice is my personal fave – there is something new to do every time I visit. These cake plates from Bountiful are so beautiful I just had to post about them. There are so many wonderful colors to choose from that we’d like to have one of each. Wouldn’t they make lovely accents to a dessert table?

Bountiful "Cake Plates" Venice LA

Bountiful "Cake Plates" Venice LA

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This past week, we did a City Guide post for Design Sponge Online on Oakland! In case you didn’t catch it, here it is or just read on below. It was so fun to create and even better to share with you, our readers. Please do add on (send us an email) if you have a place that just can’t be missed. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include everything, there is just too much to do!

"Michael Wertz" Oaklandish "Lake Merritt"

Illustration // Michael Wertz

Bio: Catherine Weis, along with Gretchen Krebs, is the co-founder of Local Social: An art and event styling company in Oakland, California. They formed the group as a platform to explore a shared love and talent for throwing parties and bringing people together. Between Catherine’s strong individual background in graphic design and Gretchen’s experience in interior design they can collectively curate every element of the events that they host and design to provide a unique experience for their guests. So far they’ve hosted gatherings focused around everything from felt-making to mixology, to urban gardens and pickling, to orchestrating a full-scale pop-up dinner and art event.

I moved to Oakland in 2000 and always thought I would move to San Francisco because I heard so many amazing things about the culture there. But after living in Oakland for a little over 10 years now, I can’t seem to pull myself away! The diversity and history of Oakland, not to mention the cheaper living and constant growth, has kept me glued. Sure it’s a gritty place; but a place, nonetheless, with a great mix of historic art deco architecture and an emerging contemporary eclectic style. Oakland is also rich with culture: over 100 dialects and languages are spoken in the city and it’s the birthplace of the Black Panther movement as well as home to the Hell’s Angels and now many ethnically diverse neighborhoods.

Oakland is experiencing a revival similar to Brooklyn, the alternative sister city to New York. It offers a younger, hipper, underground scene, and fresh, new exciting things to see and do! In my eyes the two most impressive revolutions taking place are the underground art world and the culinary scene (not to mention the wine and mixology scene), both now in full swing and impressively rivaling that of our neighbors across the Bay in San Francisco. But families and children are not to worry: there is plenty of entertainment for all ages to enjoy. Take a look below for a list of some the best Oakland has to offer. It’s a roster as rich and diverse as the city itself.

I’ve been praising Oakland for it’s culture, it would be wrong of me not to mention the variety of activities that abound in Oakland, from family oriented wholesomeness to nightlife excitement. Where to begin: Fairyland, summer movie nights in the Temescal neighborhood, farmer’s markets, Art Murmur, Gondola rides on our beloved Lake Merritt, swimming at the Lake Temescal, and shopping in the Rockridge district, to name a few. Because of Oakland’s size, it’s almost impossible to hit every area, so I’ve picked out a few for your viewing pleasure.
(check out our full design guide after the break)

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Today we’ll do a local feature on a shop that has been a staple for home inspiration for some time: Scout.Scout Hardware, in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland, holds the perfect blend of nostalgia and ephemeral furnishings and treats for any home or event. I just love weaving my way through this local store. Each time I go in I find something new and exciting. When you’re near the Temescal neighborhood, take a second to peak in. They also have an extension of their retail business that stages homes for resale (in case you’re ever looking to sell).

They have everything to brighten and endulge your home (from lighting, to furniture to wall hangings), but even some great ideas for parties (like beautiful plates and favors!) Or, if you’re just in the neighborhood, we like to go in an be inspired by their product and decor (like those cool book page walls).

Scout Hardware Oakland Local Social

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The other day we had the pleasure to meet one of our local florists at her lovely shop in Oakland’s Rockridge neighborhood, Natalie from Clementine, now known as Belle Flower. You might not recognize that it’s a flower shop from the outside but this cute boutique has been steadily attracting passersby with a beautiful array of vintage and local artisan finds. Only when you enter to smell the sweet scent of nature do you realize that Natalie has more to offer than just a good sense of style.

We asked Natalie a little bit about herself and what she loves about Oakland. Continue reading to get more tidbits.


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This weather is amazing, no? Maybe spring for the Bay Area has finally arrived. This warm air is making me feel the need to skip work and spend all day in the sunshine. We’ve been inspired by celebrated party planner, David Stark‘s, new line for West Elm. You can see some of this new product featured in the latest edition of Rue as well. Maybe it’s time to start thinking about (and shopping for) that first spring picnic.

David Stark for West Elm

David Stark‘s new work for West Elm is reminiscent of his reused and repurposed sense of style which also had an influence over last year’s pop-up shop collaboration with West Elm. You may gather a bit of inspiration for decor for your spring picnic. He made all of these designs below from recycled paper!

David Stark West Elm pop up

above photo: by Patrick McMullan/Joe Schildhorn

David Stark pop up West Elm

above photo: by Laura Fenton, writer for The Little House in the City blog

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