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Building off our post from last Friday, today we highlight the color orange again in homage to summer…which, as I gaze out the window at a blue-skied and sunny morning, seems to be off to a great start.

Heath Ceramics latest seasonal collection is inspired by the warmth of summer, featuring soft hues of orange in an array of elegant and minimal shapes. Each piece is beautiful on its own or as a set to adorn the table of your next outdoor dinner party. Collection is available through October.

All images via Heath Ceramics

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IKEA has not only created great advertising campaigns via photographers and stylists, but beautiful pieces of art; and this one is no less cool. In their follow up to a 2010 hit campaign, ‘Visual Recipes’, photographer, Carl Kleiner and stylist Evelina Bratell, teamed up to bring everyday kitchen items to life in a brilliant and visually stunning way.

"Carl Kleiner", IKEA, table, kitchen, utensils

"Carl Kleiner", IKEA, table, kitchen, utensils

"Carl Kleiner", IKEA, table, kitchen, utensils

"Carl Kleiner", IKEA, table, kitchen, utensils

Photos // Carl Kleiner

see our other post on IKEA and their advertising campaigns utilizing stylist, Lo Bjurulf

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It used to be that I could paint anything white and it would fit my d├ęcor. My sister used to make fun of me for my tiny obsession. For any of you who watch the show Portlandlia, my obsession reminds me of the hilarious skit, “We put birds on things”. I’d find an old picture frame that didn’t quite fit in my room, so I’d paint it white; a cool vintage statue of an owl, I’d paint it white!

Now I’m obsessed with gold. I love the level of sophistication it can add to any setting, but paired with the right color, and only using a hint of it, it can still be playful and fun. So, this goes out to you, Susie (my sis). You’ll no longer here me talk about white! You can also see this post on Brooklyn Bride where I guest blog from time to time.

Gold Portlandia Anthropologie "Gold Foil" paint DIY

Tablescape on The Decorista | gold flatware from West Elm | Confetti System Streamers | Foil Stamped Invitations featured on The Sweetest Occasion | gold painted chair from Anthropologie | artwork of Martin Pfeifle | Streamers from Martha Stewart | wallpaper by Verde | DIY star drink sticks | gold painted branches at Martha Stewart | gold installation by Carmody Groarke

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At LS we pull inspiration for our events from anything and everything, especially art. Martin Pfeifle’s commentary on space and color translate very easily into an event setting, if you look hard enough. I love the colored paper hanging from the ceiling as a potential backdrop or partition. And, I’m a big fan of this pink spacial field turning into a table with one huge hit of color.

"Martin Pfeifle" Yellow Backdrop

"Martin Pfeifle" Pink

"Martin Pfeifle" Pink Field

"Martin Pfeifle" Gold Cardboard

"Martin Pfeifle" gold cardboard

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I love the holidays! More opportunities to host and break out my special cocktail menus and party dresses. I am so inspired by this Kate Spade shoot. What a great way to reinvent the holidays. Can’t afford a tree? Draw one. Want a new holiday idea? Go crazy with the glitter! How cute and delicate.

I ask you, is it too late to whip up a holiday extravaganza with only three weeks to spare? I hope not, because I’m on board to make this happen!

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

"Kate Spade" Holiday Inspiration

Photography: Alison Conklin / Styling: Styled Creative / Cakes and Cupcakes: Brown Betty Desserts / Paper Materials: Two Paperdolls

read on to hear more about the shoot from the Kate Spade team!


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I’m inspired by this table setting: the colors are lovely and the geometric shapes are fun and playful.

Melangerie Tables

Photo || Jen Huang Photography for Melangerie. Cakes by NineCakes.

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I’m super into this table decor from Hey Look. This is so fall! It’s versatile enough and just right for a light meal with friends or even a somewhat formal dinner for the holidays. I’m in love with the gold vases and use of ferns. They even took the time to style some very cute corsages for the guests. I love that! I’m a big fan of the corny, “hello, my name is tag”, but in a much more subtle sophisticated way and this way (with gold flowers) is much more personal and intimate.

"Hey Look" gold vases "table decor"

"Hey Look" gold vases "table decor"

"Hey Look"

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Making navigation easy for your guests is key at any event. Whether your crafty (or not), or have a lot of money to spend (or not), your main goal is to make sure you get your guests seated. Don’t stress, we’ve compiled some great ideas to help you get started. Check out some of these clever ideas below. Included is a “how to” from The Knotty Bride on handmaking your own.

"table numbers"

"table numbers" BLHDN

"table numbers" diy

"table numbers"

"Table Numbers"

Photos // (top to bottom) unknown source, but awesome utilization of vintage library numbers // BHLDN numbers // diy from The Knotty Bride // Oh So Beautiful Paper blog // from 100LayerCake

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…at least we do! In preparation for a current project, we’ve come across some enticingly edible event tables worthy of sharing. Below are a few of our favorite sweets and some great ideas for infusing a little childish fun into your next party.

source unknown

from elite events blogsite

from shop friends blogsite

lovely vintage jar ideas from wedding bee

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I always look forward to my visits to LA. Venice is my personal fave – there is something new to do every time I visit. These cake plates from Bountiful are so beautiful I just had to post about them. There are so many wonderful colors to choose from that we’d like to have one of each. Wouldn’t they make lovely accents to a dessert table?

Bountiful "Cake Plates" Venice LA

Bountiful "Cake Plates" Venice LA

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