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Lace isn’t just for weddings anymore. We’ve discovered some wonderful (and modern) lacy elements that capture the material’s ephemeral and feminine qualities and are anything but ordinary.

We love these great porcelain lace bowls from Hideminy (01) and check out this interesting take on the everyday chain-link fence from Demmakersvan (2).
Yep . . . lace is on a come back.

"lace inspiration" oakland Demakersvan "lace fence" hideminy "Remade USA"

1 // Hideminy on Etsy 2 // We.Love.Laugh.Kiss Blog diy envelope tutorial 3 // BHLDN 4 // Demakersvan lace fence 5 // Remade USA lamp 6 // photo by Tracy Turpen on Ruffled 7 // tutorial on Heartmade

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Communal tables are fairly commonplace these days but they never cease to make a bold impression. While there are endless examples, here are a just a few – in a wide range of settings – that we find particularly intriguing.

Keep a look out for scenes from our Vessels event (coming soon!) to see our most recent spin on the communal table.

Sliced Communal Table

Communal Table
Sliced Table by Overtreders

Tom Dixon Communal Table
Table/Catwalk at Circus, designed by Tom Dixon

Judy Chicago
The Dinner Party, by Judy Chicago (1975-1979)

Communal Table
Redwood Table by Ma(i)sonry

Local Food and Wine Merchant Oakland
Local restaurants, Camino (left) & Local Food & Wine Merchants (right)

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Part Deux of our Sunday Brunch: The Bar! You’ve seen our Egg’s Benedict Table from Easter Sunday, and there’s still more. . . the drink station. Thanks to our long time collaborator and bartender extraordinaire, Marjan, we have an extra special Bloody Mary recipe (below) to send your way. In addition to some more tantalizing photos.

Bloody Mary Oakland Local Social

Photos // Emily Takes Photos

Bloody Mary (April 1st)

Recipe makes 7-8 drinks.

24 oz Tomato Juice
2 oz Beef Broth (or Veggie Broth)
1.5 oz Lemon Juice
8 cloves Roasted Garlic, made into a paste (or thoroughly muddled)
3 T Kosher Salt
2 T Paprika
1 tsp Celery Salt
1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
1 tsp Black Pepper

Garnish: Spicy Chorizo stuffed Castelvetrano olives

Stir the ingredients until salt gets dissolved, garlic gets disintegrated and serve it with vodka (4 : 1). One ounce of vodka mixed with four ounces of b.m. mix makes a decent size drink (pint glass size-ish)

* for a special touch to your Bloody Mary, infuse your own vodka with bacon! That’s right, I said it, bacon. It’s delicious.

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We’re quite proud to share today’s post with you! LS teamed up last Sunday (Easter) with a great group of ladies (a florist, a local boutique owner, and a photographer) to shoot a beautiful spring-inspired Eggs Benedict brunch. Our styling was influenced by our latest obsession: the iconic chevron pattern. We can’t seem to get enough of it as you can see from our blog header (not to mention that it reminds us fondly of our childhood friend, Charlie Brown). We also found the perfect plates from Aedriel Originals on Etsy complete with none other than a yellow chevron pattern! Emily, from Emily Takes Photos, did a great job of taking photos of the event. The flowers were put together by Natalie from Belle Flower and the props were courtesy of Johnelle, a local boutique owner of Mignonne Decor. Stay tuned to see more details from this event (Bloody Mary recipe included!).

So start dreaming up that next party. Every Monday deserves a dream of the next weekend brunch to make the week go by quicker, right?

Local Social Benedict Brunch


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We absolutely love this photo shoot, staged by our friend from Jillian Clark Events and featured on 100 Layer Cake. What a great concept for a small Sunday afternoon get together. . . an ice cream social. This is not just any ice cream party but a sophisticated and classy version for the kid in all of us. The beautiful signs were done with the help of the calligrapher from Love Jenna. Look at some of these decadent but simple toppings to liven up your party: candied ginger, pistachios with olive oil, strawberries with balsamic! We’re just drooling thinking about it! Thanks for the great inspiration Jillian and Jenna!

Jillian Clark Events Ice Cream 100 layer cake

Jillian Clark Events Ice Cream 100 layer cake

Jillian Clark Events Ice Cream 100 layer cake

Photos: Scott Clark

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Welcome to Local Social’s blog, a new phase in our collaborative! Thanks for joining us. We’re so excited to finally share this with you. Over the course of planning last year’s successful events we realized how much the Bay Area is craving a connection with art and the creative process in a cool social setting. So far, the events have been hard work but a lot of fun to throw and a great way to meet local artists and new people. You’ll be able to sign up for our future events (staged and styled by yours truly) right through our blog.

While we’ll still be up to the same tricks (styling events and bringing people together), now we’ll be able to easily share our design inspiration with you along with creative ideas for crafting your own events. We also want to use this blog as a platform to help you make a connection with local artists and organizations, and to help facilitate artists connecting with one another. We’ll regularly feature artists and designers that we think rock as well as news about upcoming local events.

We’re a collaborative, which means we’d like to work together with you to make arts and crafts accessible to everyone. So, if you’re an artist, a vendor or a lover of art, feel free to contact us to discuss how we can work together. We also offer a range of design and styling services – take a look at our Services page for more info.

Our goal is to post Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week so stay tuned as we transition.

We’ll leave you with a recap of our last event & workshop:

October, 2010 (Swarm Gallery)

Guests were encouraged to show off their salty sides at Swarm Gallery (in Jack London Square) as they learned to pickle a variety of vegetables and sample savory recipes from our canning experts, Cara Clausen & Eve Maidenberg.

(All Photos by Melissa Kaseman)


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