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It’s hard to keep up with all of the design and craft shows these days but some of the best are right here in the bay area…and coming up soon. Here are a few we think are worth checking out and supporting!

INDIE MART (June 10)


UNIQUE SF (June 30 & July 1)

Spread the word and help support these great events and the talented independent designers that make them happen!


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Match sculptures are becoming all the rage. The artists featured below incorporate using different colored and burned matches to create texture and intrigue in their sculptures. Hot!

Pei-san Ng
"Pei-san Ng", matches, typography, love, art

"Pei-san Ng", matches, typography, art

Claire Fontaine
Claire Fontaine matches art

David Mach
"David Mach", matches, color, faces, art

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This is long overdue, but we’re finally posting about the alternative wedding event we were a part of in September: Tilt. This was the first Tilt event, catering toward the alternative bride and groom. We were so excited when Swarm Gallery (the hosting venue of the event) asked us to style and participate in it. What a fantastic venue for brides and grooms to take in the overwhelming job of searching for cool/alternative wedding knowledge.

Check out a video of Tilt by Oakland North as well as more info below on the styling of the event.

Tilt Wedding "Wedding Events" "Bay Area" "Swarm Gallery" "Bridal Fair" Brides

For the styling of Tilt, we were inspired by a simple, sophisticated and playful palette of colors and whimsical decor. We received generous contributions for floral arrangements (provided by Clementine in Rockridge), calligraphy from Megan Cott, Air Plants for boutonnieres and decor from Air Plant Supply Co., furniture from Mignonne Decor, and decorated with these incredibly large and lofty balloons to make the space simply amazing.

Tilt Wedding "Wedding Events" "Bay Area" "Swarm Gallery" "Bridal Fair" Brides

Photos // Bliss Fotography or Local Social

We had so much fun coming up with creative ideas with Svea from Swarm, including a cake cutting from The Whole Cake, a casual fashion show from creations by Cara Borja, DJ’s and dancing by various artists including the group pictured below, The Solace Trio as well as DJ Extra Lars, Alex Jacobs and Tiny Home, a photo booth hosted by Magnolia Photo Booth Co., and food vendors both inside and out!


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If you haven’t been to Rock Wall Winery in Alameda, it’s time to put a visit on your to-do list. The view across the bay alone is worth a trip (and the wine is equally delicious!). The winery is located in a large plane hangar with enormous (and I mean enormous!) swing doors that open up to reveal a sweeping view of the bay and city beyond.

I had the pleasure of visiting Rock Wall winery last Friday for their first Food Truck Frenzy and it was so much fun I already plan to go back for the next one. The night was my idea of a perfect way to spend an evening with friends: delicious food (sweet and savory), $5 glasses of wonderful wine, great music and a killer view.

Rock Wall’s next big event is their Summer Rocks Open House on August 20th. Or start with a casual tasting – they’re open Wed thru Sun from 12 – 6.

The View. From Food For Drama’s blog.

rock wall winery

fer's blog, rock wall winery
The Bacon Bacon Truck taken from Fer’s blog. Visit Fer’s Blog for a great documentation of the event!

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Communal tables are fairly commonplace these days but they never cease to make a bold impression. While there are endless examples, here are a just a few – in a wide range of settings – that we find particularly intriguing.

Keep a look out for scenes from our Vessels event (coming soon!) to see our most recent spin on the communal table.

Sliced Communal Table

Communal Table
Sliced Table by Overtreders

Tom Dixon Communal Table
Table/Catwalk at Circus, designed by Tom Dixon

Judy Chicago
The Dinner Party, by Judy Chicago (1975-1979)

Communal Table
Redwood Table by Ma(i)sonry

Local Food and Wine Merchant Oakland
Local restaurants, Camino (left) & Local Food & Wine Merchants (right)

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Today, we’re doing a special highlight for a great on-line resource for the East Bay, the East Bay Loop. East Bay Loop is the East Bay’s Online Concierge Community Guide for life in the East Bay. They cover a wide range of activities including local culture, arts, music, food entertainment, fashion & shopping all in the East Bay area of Northern California.

"East Bay Loop"

Visit them at www.EastBayLoop.com

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